Ironically, it's what makes you... YOU!!
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It’s that time of year, lots going on…

Dads and Grads, Memorial Day, school is almost out and summer is in the air!! 
On the Jewish calendar, Passover is long gone, and the High Holidays and hours spent in synagogue and fasting is 6 months away…

So what is an American Jew to do?

As Americans we are just starting to thaw and get excited for great weather outdoors, and as Jews we feel a little empty having nothing to feel guilty about.
That brings us to the holiday of Shavuos, the ‘Lost Holiday’. 
Somehow in all the excitement on our calendar this time of year, the one Holiday that actually makes us JEWISH, is forgotten. 3,327 years ago G-d chose us to become the Jewish Nation on Mt. Sinai, receiving the Torah.  Shavuos celebrates that world-changing event. 
Ironically it is actually the easiest of all Biblical holidays to observe!!
  • It’s only 2 days, versus 8 for Passover and Sukkot!
  • There’s no fasting like Yom Kippur, in fact, we eat Cheesecake! 
  • Unlike hours and hours spent in synagogue on Rosh HaShana, we just hear the 10 Commandments read from the Torah during regular Yom Tov morning services!
I would argue that Shavuos appeals to our modern, American sensibilities more than any other Jewish holiday!
Quick! Easy! Indulgent! Independent! Powerful!
Celebrate Shavuos at MiYaD and experience a truly Immemorial Holiday Weekend.

Shabbat & Shavuos Schedule
Friday, May 22
Light Shabbat Candles at 7:53 PM
Saturday, May 23
Shabbos Morning Minyan @ 10:00am
Bamidbar Torah Reading @ 11:00am
- Eve of First day Shavuot
Light Holiday Candles after 9:00 PM
Saturday Night Live!! 11:30pm All-night Torah Study @ 82 Forsythia Ln. Jericho
Sunday, May 24
Yom Tov Morning Services Minyan @ 10:00am, Ten Commandments Torah Reading, for all Men, Women & Children
Followed by Dairy Kiddush Luncheon, Pastas, Salads, Cheesecakes, Cappuccino and Ice Cream
 - Eve of Second day Shavuot
Light Holiday Candles after 9:01 PM
Monday, May 25, 2015
Yom Tov Morning Services Minyan @ 10:00am, YIZKOR
Holiday Ends 9:02 PM
All are welcome
Our Minyan needs you!!
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