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9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Group in S-103
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:15 PM Young Adults Lunch
2:00 PM Q & A with Josh Mauney in the Heritage Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church in the Chapel
4:00 PM Deacons Meeting in Heritage Room
5:00 PM Kids Night Out in the East Wing

12:00 PM Arimathea Bridge in Joe Stone Room
8:00 PM  AA in the E-215 Classroom

10:30 AM Bible Study in the Heritage Room
6:00 PM The Gathering in the Chapel
6:00 PM Children’s Choir in the East Wing
7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir S-107 in Choir Room

9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Groups in S-103 and the Heritage Room
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:15 PM Church In Conference in the Peachtree Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church in the Chapel
Growing in wisdom, strength, and His love.   Psalm 78:4
Kid's Night Out
February 12 @ 5 PM
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Mariann Pate,
Laura Abernathy,
Jane Henley, and
Bob McClelland
Julie Hunter


Contact Pam at PJernigan@Wieuca.org to reserve flowers for the worship service.


The Irresistible Force
To our Wieuca family:
In these exciting and challenging times, we continue to seek God’s direction for our future. By now you have received information about some of the proposed changes being contemplated. On February 19th, the church will meet in conference to receive and act upon a recommendation from the Church Council concerning “One Wieuca – Many Expressions.” This Sunday our pulpit guest will be Josh Mauney. Josh is being considered as the leader of NewSound at Wieuca, an intentional effort to flesh out the mission and vision initiatives that address our determination to reach young adults and their families as well as those who are moving into our community without a relationship with Christ or the church. Here are some things I feel you should know:
  1. This Sunday Josh will be preaching in our morning service. Later in the day, he will be available in the Heritage Room to answer questions about his training, theology, experience, and vision. I am asking that you email me your specific question(s) so that we will deal with issues you feel important. The meeting will begin at 2:00. I hope you can attend. My email address: mwilbanks@wieuca.org
  2. At 4:00, Josh will be meeting with our Deacons. He met with church staff on Monday of this week.
  3. The Church Council decided that we would make absentee ballots available for the conference. The mechanism for that will be communicated to you soon. At the conference, written ballots will be distributed at the appropriate time.
  4. While they have been mentioned before, you should know that a team of our members was appointed by the Church Council. They have been studying our circumstances, meeting with Josh, analyzing possible partnerships, and researching his qualifications. The team: Frank Blount, William Hill, Lisa Ames, Robert Abernathy, and Betty Van Gerpen. Bryan Brock and I have been involved with the team over these months.
  5. In a few days, you will receive the specific recommendation that the council will bring to the conference. We all want to know exactly what we are being asked to consider.
As is always the case when we think about the church we love, we must continue to pray that God will make clear His plan. The journey doesn’t end on February 19th. We will not know all the details of what will unfold over the next months. We can take a decisive step at our conference, then we roll up our sleeves and get to work.
Mark Wilbanks, Pastor

CLICK HERE for more info on the Mauney Family.

Thank you Mark for answering the call and for your 5 years of service.
Thank you Kim for being a wonderful part of Wieuca these past five years.
You are loved!


January 2017                              $58,583.06    
January 2016                             $111,902.41

Oct 2016 - Jan 2017              $1,073,041.74      
Oct 2015 - Jan 2016                 $596,578.69


We are still looking for 4 more folks to join our KidsTown Team during Children’s Worship on Sunday mornings. Adults help children learn about worship as Angie leads our children in worship.  You only help once a quarter in blessing our kids! Email ADurden@Wieuca.org for details! 

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