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9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Groups S-103 & Heritage Room
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:15 PM Children's Ministry Team Lunch
                 in the Small Conference Room
12:15 PM The Gathering Leadership Team lunch
                 in the Heritage Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church
               in the Chapel
4:00 PM Deacons Meeting in the Heritage Room

12:00 PM Arimathea Bridge Group in Joe Stone
6:30 PM Church Council in the Heritage Room
8:00 PM  AA in the E-215 Classroom

6:00 PM Auxiliary Committee
               in the Small Conference Room
6:00 PM Missions Committee  in S-103

10:30 AM Bible Study in the Heritage Room
6:00 PM The Gathering in the Chapel
7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir S-107 in Choir Room

9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Groups S-103 & Heritage Room
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:15 PM Young Adult Lunch
                 in the Heritage Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church
               in the Chapel
Growing in wisdom, strength, and His love.   Psalm 78:4
Save the date for LUNCH BUNCH on January 29 after church. Bring lunch money!
Here are some up coming events for Wieuca Youth:

Calling all youth to attend 3 nights and 2 days of skiing! Contact TMason@Wieuca to reserve your spot as space is limited!

SKI TRIP! Check out the details HERE!


Contact Pam at PJernigan@Wieuca.org to reserve flowers for the worship service.


Connecting People

Most of us get it. We know that church is supposed to be more than buildings, programs, and activity. We read the stories in Acts about a growing community of believers who intentionally found ways to gather in fellowship, worship, and prayer.

In adopting the Mission and Vision initiatives, we agreed that “developing authentic relationships with God and each other” had to be more than a catch phrase; we had to pursue connecting with people and with our God more intently.

Years ago, someone wrote: “For the church to grow larger, it must grow smaller.” Healthy bodies tend to grow when the systems within function well. Under the umbrella of Life Groups, We have identified three kinds of groups that will assist us in deepening our commitment to an expanding understanding of
 “Loving God … Connecting People … Changing Lives.”

Covenant Groups typically meet on Sunday mornings. This is the Sunday School model that most of us are familiar with. Bible study, prayer, coffee, fellowship, coffee, mission activities, and social gatherings are essential ingredients (did I mention coffee?). Along with our preschool, children, and youth ministries, we have 9 adult Covenant Groups meeting each week.

Growth Groups are intended to encourage spiritual formation in our congregation. They try to answer the question, “How do I become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus?” One example could be the Wednesday morning Bible study led by Bill Givens. These groups will vary in length and frequency of meeting. Two 8-week groups start this Sunday at 9:45 am. The first features the book, “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for Both Halves of Life” written by Richard Rohr. The discussion will be facilitated by Susan Stewart and Bob Freeman. The second also starts this week. I will be leading the sessions that will deal with “Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask God.”

Affinity Groups offer a great way to build relationships through common interests. Recreational activities, book clubs, parenting, women and men’s ministries, investing, gardening, and so many other possibilities help us find people with similar interests and concerns. Ladies Night on February 27th gives us an idea of how to draw people together to build relationships.

Along with our Impact Teams and the new worship experience called the Gathering, Wieuca is finding more and more ways to connect. It’s time to be involved!
The Gathering is a modern expression of worship rooted in the ancient practices of Christianity. It will be a time on Wednesday nights where we can come together to reconnect with God in the midst of our busy lives. The Gathering will include modern worship songs along with ancient elements of worship including scripture reading, silence, prayers, teaching, and communion. Make plans to join us at 6 PM in the Chapel starting January 11.

We will come together as a community of fellow travelers to find
~ rest from our hectic and broken lives, bringing our whole selves before God
~ connection with God through God’s Spirit
~ encouragement to live as Christ-followers in the world


“What we often wait for God to do for us He wants to do through us.” - Unknown


Join  Wieuca Travelers in July as we head to New England.  Deadline is January 13th for discounted price.  
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