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9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Groups S-103 & Heritage Room
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:15 PM Pizza with the Pastor in Joe Stone Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church in the Chapel
12:00 PM Arimathea Bridge in Joe Stone Room
5:45 PM Personnel in Small Conference Room
6:00 PM Dementia Care in the Heritage Room
8:00 PM  AA in the E-215 Classroom

6:00 PM Finance Committee in Heritage Room

10:00 AM Garden Club in S-103
10:30 AM Bible Study in the Heritage Room
6:00 PM The Gathering in the Chapel
6:00 PM Children’s Choir in the East Wing
7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir S-107 in Choir Room

9:30 AM Covenant Groups
9:30 AM Growth Groups S-103 & Heritage Room
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:00 PM KidsTown Lunch Bunch
3:00 PM New Life International Church in the Chapel
5:00 PM Impact Night in the Peachtree Room
Growing in wisdom, strength, and His love.   Psalm 78:4
Save the date for LUNCH BUNCH on January 29 after church. Bring lunch money!
For more info contact TMason@Wieuca.org


Contact Pam at PJernigan@Wieuca.org to reserve flowers for the worship service.


Aim High

Through the years, one of my favorite authors has been Charles Swindoll. The book that has meant the most to me was “Living Above the Level of Mediocrity.” His perspective was raising the bar in life happens through personal commitment and extravagant love. He wrote about refocusing priorities and refusing to settle for “good enough.” He gave advice about conquering stagnation and selfishness by conscious, deliberate expressions of passionate joy.

Who wants to be average? I doubt you have ever seen this bumper sticker: My child is a C student. The old adage applies here – why flock with turkeys when you can soar with eagles?

James Russell Lowell penned these words:
Life is a leaf of paper white
Whereon each one of us may write his word or two, and then comes night.
Greatly begin! Though thou have time but for line, be that sublime.
Not failure, but low aim, is crime.

In Isaiah 43, we find these words from the Lord: “It is nothing compared to what I am going to do. Look, I am about to do a new thing. It has already begun. Do you not see it?

Our congregation voted to stay in our current location and implement drastic change. We affirmed four initiatives that would direct the changes we feel are necessary. Life groups, Impact teams, and the Gathering represent immediate responses. Initiatives 2 and 4 relate to our enhancing worship life and engaging young adults.

How are we addressing these vital components? Leading up to our church conference on February 19, we will be sharing information through the mail, in Sunday morning presentations, small group gatherings, and other forms to identify the person and plan I believe can move us forward. Next week, you will receive a letter and a summary of our progress to date. While the communication process is vital in understanding the radical implications we are considering, the most important activity we can all join is fervent prayer for God’s direction and blessing.

We plan to aim high. Nothing else will suffice to honor the spirit of our church, a fellowship that is determined to reach people in our community with the Gospel.


“People go through  three conversions:  their head, their heart, and their pocketbook.  Unfortunately, not all at the same time. “ -  Martin Luther


Join  Wieuca Travelers in July as we head to New England.  Deadline is January 13th for discounted price.  
Check out the link: https://gateway.gocollette.com/link/770887


Kids in grades k-5th grade are invited to join us for LUNCH BUNCH
on Sunday, Jan 29 after church.  
All kids need $5 to cover the cost of lunch.  We will travel to our lunch spot via church van and return after lunch at 2:00.  We will meet on 3rd floor.
Join us Sunday, January 22
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