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On September 21st you have the opportunity to take part in the largest positive civic movement of all time.
If not you, then who? See how you can make a difference.


Thinking about becoming a volunteer in Estonia? You definitely should! Mita Biswas, having recently moved to Estonia, shares her experiences looking for volunteering opportunities in a society new to her. "The journey can be tricky but it is rewarding. Helping advance the local civil society, you will become part of the community yourself."

Is democracy failing? What can we do to bridge the gaps in our societies? What does the next generation of leaders need to do differently. We need to learn to talk to everyone and about everything, advises the Swiss visionary and political thinker, Daniel Hardegger. "You must be open regarding the opinions of other people. People with amazing ideas expect others to follow, but the moment you share it, your idea changes. You must expect this change and appreciate it."
In August, the seventh Opinion Festival took place at the heart of Estonia, Paide. For the second time running, all the debates and discussions were recorded and are online for everyone to listen. Although most of them took place in Estonian, there are quite a few in English as well, involving topics such as diversityengagement of young people, economics of the future and smart cities.

Want to help fight climate change? You can start with shorter showers and avoiding plastic, but a recent report underlines heavy consumption of meat as an imminent danger to a sustainable planet. "You don't have to choose to either be a vegan or a carnivore - the question is about the amount of meat you consume, currently endangering our planet as well as our own health. One vegetarian day a week is a huge service for our future," said Anna Kaplina, campaign manager for the Vegetarian Tuesdays.

The international animal welfare conference takes place in Tallinn on October 2-3. The two-day workshop will focus on the protection and saving of animals and on those who help animals on a daily basis. More information and registration can be found here.

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