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The SharePoint doctor is in!

Effective October 1st, 2015, we’re enhancing our support so you can ask for help without worrying about getting a bill.

If you simply need help understanding how to use our solution, you think something might be wrong, or you’d like to ask about how to do something new, there’s no charge to ask.

The stability of our solution means we can work with your IT staff, tech facilitators and leadership to make your website & portal experience exceptional! If something you've asked for requires us to do some chargeable work we will let you know before we start. 

Tips & Tricks:

Get the best out of the Scholantis solution

Special Announcements create a banner across the top of your site's home page. Spruce-up your special announcements by selecting an announcement category! 

Hack your announcement for a trip to the zoo with a bear paw icon by choosing the ‘Animal’ category! Or choose ‘Hot Weather’ for a sun icon. 

Inside Scholantis:

Coast to coast

A new developer joins the team - William O'Hanley joins us all the way from PEI. With a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics he’s sure to bring up the team average. Welcome to the team!

We’re looking forward to getting to know him this week as we try our hand at an escape room challenge. 

Staff Room: An adoption challenge

Online staff rooms are a powerful tool included in the Scholantis solution. While some school districts have become early adopters, others have yet to realize the potential of virtual staff rooms.

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