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As you may already know our working groups are active 7 days a week on a number of important LOCAL issues that threaten to take away our liberties. Property rights have been in the news more than ever, thanks to the Bundy Ranch fiasco. We hope all the skeptics are now are beginning to understand and see that this is the face of Agenda 21. NH is NOT exempt as there are people working to promote the ideas of Agenda 21 right here and now in our towns.

With the federal government's ILLEGAL attempt to impose a federal curriculum and federal testing (Common Core) upon the state of NH, and outside the purview of local control, education is another prominent concern.

We have just heard that extremist activist "Bill Duncan" is being recommended for State School Board by Gov. Hassan.

AS A 35-YEAR VETERAN TEACHER AND EDUCATION RESEARCHER MYSELF I can tell you that Duncan, like many other State DOE members before him, (John Lyons and Fred Bramante come to mind) is a self-described educational expert but has absolutely NO qualifications to be on the State's School Board.

His extremist fringe views on education would be detrimental to the education of all children in NH. He has never stopped pushing the federal take over of our schools and in particular, Common Core.

We all need to write to our Executive Councilors to let him/her know we don't want Duncan on the Board.

You can find out who your Executive Councilor is here:

Here are some examples of why he should not be appointed...

Once again, this could happen as early as THURSDAY so please write your polite but firm emails to your Councilor NOW. We need to do all we can to stop the far-left indoctrination of our students in NH; indoctrination as well as  filth and smut content, all of which are BUILT-IN to the Common Core Curriculum.

You can find out who your Executive Councilor is here:

 - Jane Aitken, NHTPC


We've gone to a new method of emailing, so please make sure you can receive email from so that our messages don't get caught in your spam filter. Once again, never will we ask you for money. We are only interested in educating you on the issues and your consequent activism. Please share this information with anyone you feel might be interested.

If you need more information on how to get involved with us on the issues please do not hesitate to call 603.471.0138 between 9-5:00 PM M-F.

Be sure to check out ALL EVENTS sponsored by NHTPC-affiliated groups and others and pass this mailer along to those you think would benefit. Eventually we hope to have a self posting calendar where designated people can post their own events and not have to wait for the webmaster to do it.

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