Updates to the Event Organiser System
Dear [Britain] Event Organisers (Service)
As we transition from the 2018 season and look forward to 2019, we are consolidating our membership databases and want to ensure that your account's personal information is up to date. Historically the Event Organisers System has sat separately to the British Triathlon website, with different user accounts, logins and passwords. We are combining these two databases to streamline functions across the various British Triathlon platforms. Whilst there won’t be any difference to the Event Organisers System straightaway, this is a necessary change which will enable future development.
If you are an existing member of British Triathlon, and you use the same email address to log in to both the members area of the British Triathlon website and the Event Organisers System:
Your password for the Event Organisers System will be automatically changed to the existing password that you use on the British Triathlon website. If you change your password on the Event Organisers System, this will also change your membership account password – and vice versa. At present, only the email address and password will be linked across to the British Triathlon website and Event Organisers System – the rest of your personal details will not.
If you are an existing member of British Triathlon but use a different email address to log into the Event Organisers System, or are not a member of British Triathlon:
Your password for the Event Organisers System will need to be changed. This is because that whilst we can transfer your personal details to the new database, your password is secured and we’re unable to transfer it alongside. We would also like to ask organisers who only use the Event Organisers System to use this as an opportunity to check that their personal details are up to date, as this is the way in which we will contact you about your event, as part of the permitting review process, or concerning invoice queries.
To reset your password, click here
The consolidation has taken place today (Tuesday 9 October), so all users who do not have an account on the British Triathlon website (which uses the same email address as the Event Organisers System) will need to update their password. You will be prompted to do this the first time you try to log in to the Event Organisers System.
If you have any queries please email us
Kind regards,
The Event Engagement Team
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If you have any queries or require any support regarding this update then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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