Celebrating the launch of The Write Life
Alexis Grant: Make Your Own Luck
Hi there,

To celebrate the launch of The Write Life this week, I'm sending an email each day that answers your questions about how to launch a large, multi-author site. This is the last email in this special series!

You asked... What other details went into this launch that we wouldn't think to ask about?

When I thought back to the very beginnings of the site, I remembered a fun story, and realized this whole launch wouldn't have been possible without the kindness of a complete stranger.

Back in January, when I was trying to decide what to call this new site for writers, I was keen to go with TheWriteLife.com. I negotiated with the folks who owned the domain, finally getting them down to $1,000, which is what I ended up paying. But there was something else I needed before purchasing that domain: the Twitter handle. I wanted @TheWriteLife.

Unfortunately, someone else owned it. A someone named Charles. He wasn't particularly active with the Twitter handle, but he'd claimed it.

I tracked down Charles' email (remember, I used to be a reporter) and shot him a quick note asking if he'd be willing to give it up or trade it for something. I didn't get my hopes up though; I didn't expect to get a response, and if I did, I figured I'd have to pay a pretty penny for the handle.

You won't believe what happened.

Within hours, Charles wrote me back, and I sat there staring at my inbox. Not only was he willing to give me the handle, he wrote, he was willing to give it to me for free. He wasn't really using it, he said, and he didn't mind handing it over to someone who would.


Charles dropped @TheWriteLife, I quickly claimed it, and the domain was chosen: we'd be TheWriteLife.com. I owe Charles a HUGE virtual hug for helping make my vision a reality!

Speaking of turning vision into reality: If guest blogging is on your bucket list, we've got a great post over at The Write Life today from Launch Team member Danny Iny called 7 Popular Blogs About Writing That Want Your Guest Posts.

Until next time,


P.S. Did you appreciate the special emails this week to answer your questions? Or did you think it was too many emails? If you feel strongly one way or the other, please press "reply" and let me know.

P.P.S. Since you heard from me a lot this week, I'm not planning to send a Sunday email. In fact, I'm about to change my email schedule entirely. I'll tell you more about that soon.
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