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From the Rector

Dear Friends,

Conclave has come and gone and what a week it was. Later on in this little newsletter, I'll include my wrap-up comments on the week of Conclave.

Our theme was Esotericism, and we had a fantastic lineup of talks which all touched in some way on Esotericism (or Gnosticism including
  • The Friary and the Apostolic Johannite Church with Monsignor Scott Rassbach
  • Magic and the Liturgy with the Primate of the United States
  • The Cathars with Stephen O’Shea
  • The Demiurge in the Gospel of John with the Rev. Mr. Jonathan Stewart
  • Gnosticism in the Far East with Rev. Deacon Jason Campbell
  • Isis & Sophia, Parallels and Right Angles with M Isidora Forrest
  • A Chicken’s Guide to the Kabbalah with Monsignor Scott Rassbach
  • Shem Ha-Mephorasch with Fr. Joseph Wolf
  • Rituals of Warding with Monsignor Scott Rassbach
  • Divine Guidance: The Practice of Divination with Msgr. Scott Rassbach
  • Enochian Magic with Benjamin Pierce
  • The Art of Memory with Erik Arneson
We also had talks on Confirmation, Contemplative Practice and the Oblate, and Templarism in the AJC. As you likely already know, the Apostolic Johannite Church releases many of these talks in the months after Conclave so that those who were not at Conclave can join in on the learning at home (or on the go, as we also have the audio in our podcast, the Lectern)- I'm happy to say we've already put out the first one- you can find it below in the section on News From Around the Church. Conclave was a fantastic time, with great education and great people and we've already begun the discussions and planning for next year in Montreal.
This Month at St. Joseph's

Join us this month as we commemorate St. Barnabas at 7:30pm on June 13th. Later on in the month, on June 27th, we will be sitting down to break bread at Ricky's Diner at North Hill, for a discussion on St. John the Baptist.

I hope to see you there.

Ad Sacram Flammam,
+ Shaun Mar Iohannes

News and Education from Around the Church

Conclave 2018 Final Thoughts

Like a good meal, Conclave takes some significant time and effort to prepare, and yet passes by quickly but without fail, we always leave full. Also like a good meal, it both refreshes us from the work we have done

prior, and fortifies us for the work ahead.

This year’s Conclave restored many, and nourished even more and our cup has truly run over with many great moments of fellowship, education, and connection.

It also fortifies us for the work ahead with many new steps and commitments being made- a baptism, a confirmation, three minor orders, one subdiaconate and two sets of solemn vows. Solid people making solid strides in their own spiritual journeys both individually and together in the Johannite Church.

It was deeply enriching to hear and see the work being done in our Parishes, Narthexes and Missions, as well as the Order of the Temple and Saint John.

Being able to meet, discuss and share our journeys and work, reflecting and learning from each other’s difficulties and successes, is a kind of greenhouse which promotes healthy spiritual and organizational growth. Importantly, it also places our spiritual work in the context of something much greater than ourselves alone.

I want to extend my thanks to our many fine speakers and presenters- Stephen O’Shea and M Isidora Forrest, Father Joseph Wolf, Erik Arneson, His Grace Mar Thomas, Msgr. Scott Rassbach, The Rev. Deacon Jason Campbell, Brother Mark Donato, The Rev. Mr. Jonathan Stewart, and Bro. Benjamin Pierce.

Each of these teachers and seekers have given us much to explore, work on and consider in the journey ahead.

I want to extend additional thanks also to Bishop Steven Marshall of the Ecclesia Gnostica and Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church, for welcoming many of our people who were fortunate to attend service on the Friday evening of Conclave.

Lastly and most importantly, a special thanks must go out to our Conclave committee, Msgr. Scott, Sr. Constance and Rev. Jason who made things happen both in planning and in execution- but especially Sr. Constance Crain, who worked tirelessly to organize and move people. She has proved a worthy successor to the efforts and people of Conclaves past and an example for those who will step into her shoes in conclave planning to come. On behalf of the Apostolic Johannite Church, please accept my gratitude for excellent work.

Fresh from spiritual and physical nourishment, we now collectively turn our eyes towards the year to come, and with this last writing from my keyboard on Conclave 2018, I’m pleased to deliver you the first news of Conclave 2019, its location.

We return after more than a decade absence to the True North, strong and free, Canada.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada to be exact.

In the meantime, be good to one another

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch

Erik Arneson ( takes us through the practice and art of Memory, touching on Hermeticism, Freemasonry and Giordano Bruno
Johannite School

The Apostolic Johannite Church has launched 'Johannite School' - a place to learn more about the thought, practice, community, and history of the Apostolic Johannite Church. Our aim is to make it easier for new members of the church, as well as interested people who aren’t close to a local community, to find out more about the AJC.

Johannite School is free.

As the school curriculum grows, it will cover popular topics like,

  1. Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology
  2. What do Johannites do (practice, ritual, traditions)?
  3. What is the AJC about (structure, definitions, community)?
  4. What is Gnosticism (introduction)?
  5. History of Johannite communities (33CE to today)
  6. What is Hermeticism and why is it relevant?

The first of these courses,Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology” (which includes a total of eighteen modules!) has already begun and you are welcome to join in.

All courses include video lectures, written notes, extra resources and homework exercises. Each course is self-paced. The school includes a forum area where you can meet other students and ask for help.

To sign up- visit

Upcoming Schedule

Liturgy: 7:30pm @ The Unitarian Church of Calgary
Room 4, Side Entrance
1703 1 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2M 4P4

Coffee and Discussion:
7:15pm @ Ricky’s @ North Hill

1668 14 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7

May 9th - Liturgy - Julian of Norwich
May 23rd - Discussion - Open

June 13th - Liturgy - Holy Apostle Barnabas
June 27th - Discussion - John the Baptist


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