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From the Rector

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since I've written. As is apparent to all- the world has been on a measure of hold as we wrestle with the reality of a pandemic, which presents a different reality and set of challenges in each locale in which it is to be found. I've offered some thoughts previously on how this can challenge our spiritual practice and also present some opportunities in my short piece entitled Catacombs of the World

My purpose here in writing now is to just present updates as to where we are at locally, and how this translates by way of activity for our local community. 

The church in which we've met for many years- the Unitarian Church of Calgary- continues to be closed to public events, by either their own community or those they open their doors to, such as ours. This means, taken together with consultation with our core parish leadership and regular members, that we will continue to place our public physical events on hold in the immediate future.

While we have discussed alternate meeting arrangements, including outdoors (with appropriate distancing and precautions), the consensus is that between individual circumstances and comfort as well as possible venues and my own schedule, that the best option for now is to continue virtual gatherings. So this is what we are doing. When this situation changes, updates will be provided here. 

Currently we are meeting online as per our usual schedule dates for discussion on spiritual practice, which has been valuable I think for all in light of the unique challenges of the pandemic and the benefits that spiritual practice can do to offset some of the stresses that we face as a result. These meetings aren't broadcasted, so if you are local and interested to participate, you are welcome to contact me at the parish email address to discuss joining in. While physical meetings as a community are not an option currently, we also continue to offer the sacraments on an individual basis to those who are in need of them. 

It's worth noting that both the Apostolic Johannite Church, through its youtube channel and podcast- the Lectern, and the AJC's education arm Gnostic Wisdom Network with its Talk Gnosis program, both continue to produce content designed to explore the Apostolic Johannite Church, Gnosticism, the spiritual path, and the world's wisdom traditions- and as a part of this work- I'm very happy to let you know that our local community got some fun airtime in the person of long time local member and artist, Jason Mehmel. Jason and I sat down to discuss Gnosticism, Gnosis and Art in a recent episode of The Lectern, which you can find here.  There will also be a YouTube link if you prefer that medium. 

In the meantime, I hope this newsletter finds you both happy and healthy and I look forward to eventually being able to provide you with information regarding a resumption of community services, when we are able to do so- informed by both health regulations and the consensus of the regular community. 

Ad Sacram Flammam,
+ Shaun Mar Iohannes
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