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From the  Rector

Dear Friends,

In the Christian tradition, a Sacrament is defined as an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. 

In this, the season of Fall has a sort of sacramental quality to it, as it gives outward form and breath to shared inward experiences common to all of humanity along the journey of life. 

Fall is a time of transition, transformation and twilight. The turning of the temperature, the fading of the light, the changing of the leaves. 

All of these things are outward expressions,  reminders, and signs and symbols of the transformations we go through- either through time and age, circumstance and challenge or as spiritual seekers- through intent, practice and reflection. 

This time of year many seekers experience or describe what has been called ‘the thinning of the veil’ - a diminishing of the boundary between the world as we know it and the ‘Otherworld’ - variably seen as a spiritual and magical reality that overlays our own, or perhaps the realm of the Departed, or a combination of the two. 

The Liturgical Calendar of the Apostolic Johannite Church marks out this time in common with the Christian tradition through its commemoration of Hallowmas or Hallowtide- that is, the triduum of All Saints’ Eve or Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls. 

Yet it isn’t limited to this period of three days, and in our calendar it is bookended in the Fall season by such days as Restoration Day near the end of September- where through an experience of the world beyond, Jules Doinel received the vision upon which he would restore the Gnostic Church in 19th Century France, and on the other end in November- All Gnostic Saints Day- which commemorates the many known and unknown pioneers and spiritual explorers, heretics and heterodox thinkers throughout the ages that have fed into the Gnostic tradition which we now traverse. 

Through the outward manifestations of the changing season, or the inward reflections of our own spiritual journey which can journey parallel to it, the season of Fall provides a rich landscape across which we may pilgrimage to pierce that diminishing veil which separates us from the beyond- whether that beyond is what lies out beyond the horizons of our physical sight or the inward horizons of our own self-knowledge. 

As we journey across this landscape rich with the tones of earth, transformation and twilight, and into the barren cold under which may lie the sleeping seed of the birth of the Divine Light within us- I invite you to reflect upon the changing tides of your own life and path, those who have departed and those yet to come. 

The season of Fall bridges the bright light of the summer fire with the cold stillness of the winter tableau - and we, as both seeker and sojourner, are the living bridge between the past and the future- the world that was, is now and may be.

This Month at St. Joseph's

Please join us as we celebrate the Contemplative Eucharist of the Apostolic Johannite Church for All Souls on November 13 at 8pm in Room 4 at the Unitarian Church, or for some dinner and discussion, at 745pm on November 27th at Boston Pizza at North Hill Centre. 

Ad Sacram Flammam,
+ Shaun Mar Iohannes

News and Education from Around the Church

Nicholas Laccetti, author of The Inner Church is the Hope of the World, takes us through a look at the beliefs, symbolism and practice of artist and mage, Josephin Peladan

Upcoming Schedule

Liturgy: 8pm @ The Unitarian Church of Calgary
Room 4, Side Entrance
1703 1 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2M 4P4

Coffee and Discussion:
7:45pm @ Boston Pizza @ North Hill

1668 14 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7

November 13 - Liturgy for All Souls
November 27 - Dinner and Discussion

December 11 - Liturgy, St. Thomas

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