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WellMob is a website to help our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mob stay mentally strong and feel deadly. Whether you’re a health or community worker, or just one of our mob, the Wellmob website is your one-stop shop of online wellbeing tools.

This newsletter will highlight some useful online resources you will find on WellMob, along with some tips for our health and wellbeing workforce on how to use these resources with your Indigenous clients.

What is WellMob about?

WellMob is a portal or digital library of more than 200 online wellbeing resources made by mob from all over the country.

WellMob makes it easy to search for these resources which includes apps, websites, podcasts, social media, videos and online programs for the social and emotional wellbeing of our mob.

And it’s not just about mental health. It captures our stories to connect us to country, culture and our diverse communities. Check out our printable brochure here.

WellMob Website
WellMob - A new social and emotional wellbeing website for community health workers

Where are we from?

We are a small team based in Bundjalung country in far north coast NSW at the University Centre for Rural Health (a part of the University of Sydney). We are part of the eMHprac program funded by the Department of Health.

Why develop the WellMob website?

We had the privilege of developing the WellMob website with groups of Indigenous health and wellbeing workers from across the country. The website is a collaborative project between eMHprac and the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet who maintain the website. Find out more under the ‘about’ tab on the website.

Spotlight on Resources!

We recommend these online resources to health and wellbeing workers to share with your Indigenous clients. Just click on 'share' (envelope icon) on each of the following resource pages:

  • Healthy eating guide

Good for Kids, Good for Life Website

  • A short Mindfulness meditation

Uncle Jack Charles guided meditation

  • 24-hour Help Line for Men

Brother to Brother Crisis Support Line

Sharing a Yarn - Samantha Wild, WellMob Team Member

My name is Samantha Wild, a proud Wakka Wakka and Cobble Cobble woman from South East Queensland. I am a member of the deadly WellMob Project Team. I have with 15 years of experience in working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and SEWB. I would like to share a resource on Dadirri…

Dadirri recognises deep listening and still awareness. It invites us to connect deeply with ourselves and this land. By building a deep connection to our inner peace, we become open to connect with others. This can renew us and make us feel whole again. Dadirri is a gift for all Australians to slow down and to come and walk with us.

Check out the video trailer on WellMob by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr of the Miriam Rose Foundation

Got a story or resource to share? It’s all about you!

Your story on using a d-SEWB resource?

Have you got a story that you want to share about using online wellbeing resources? We want to hear it!

Your new online resource?

Do you know of a deadly online resource that hasn’t made it yet to WellMob? We want to know about it!

Note: It must be Indigenous specific, culturally responsive/safe and made by or with Indigenous people.

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The creators of WellMob acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across this country. We recognise our continuing connection to country and kin despite the impact of colonisation. We pay respect to our ancestors and Elders past, present and emerging.

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