STC Int'l Forum 18-20 November Antwerp, Belgium (please forward)

     Dear Serve the City leaders and friends

In squats and favelas, townships and slums, hospitals and shelters, we are united in our desire to serve: the homeless, asylum seekers, the elderly, the disabled, children in need, victims of abuse. We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name?
In 2005, 72 volunteers spent a week serving the poor in Brussels, Belgium. There was city-wide publicity, great projects, and inspiring moments. But no thought of starting an organization, much less a global movement. Now, in 2012 Serve the City is starting or active in more than 72 cities - and you are a part of it!
From Tallinn to Cape Town, from Montevideo to Amsterdam, from Dublin to Baltimore, inspiring stories of serving are being told, and all with the same theme: many people doing small things together makes a big difference.
Now as we edge closer to our 10th birthday we have a Serve the City goal that we can only achieve together: 100 cities in 10 years.
New cities currently preparing to start Serve the City include Copenhagen, Mexico City, and Shanghai. But what about Delhi? What about Kinshasa? What about Dubai? What about Rome? 
And what about your city? If you are leading Serve the City already you no doubt have some exciting things to share that could help others. And you probably have some questions, or the desire to be more effective.
That's why we organize an annual International Forum - to come together, to tell stories, to share best practices, to dream and plan. Join us 18-20 November in Antwerp, Belgium and let's cross the line together!


Serve the City International Forum

18-20 November
Antwerp, Belgium


Astrid Hotel

Arrive before 18:00 Sunday 18 November
Depart after 21:00 Tuesday 20 November

Join STC Brussels Children's Focus Day Saturday 17 November 12:30-17:30

Join an expression of The Well Brussels Sunday 18 November 11:00, 14:30, or 17:30


Accommodations at Hotel Astrid € 95 Single / € 105 Double (including breakfast, WiFi, and health club)

Conference costs 20 € (including Monday and Tuesday lunch) 

Dinners together Sunday and Tuesday approx € 25 each (Monday on your own)

Additional information

  • To receive the reduced rate at Hotel Astrid, reservations must be made by 30 September, contact the hotel directly

  • If you want double occupancy let us know and we will try to find a roommate 

  • It is not necessary to stay at Hotel Astrid, feel free to find less expensive accommodations elsewhere if desired

  • It is possible to attend only one day (conference costs 10 €)

  • Let us know if you would like transport from Brussels to Antwerp and we will help if possible

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