Faction Paradox Newsletter

Here at BBV Productions we've been working hard to bring you new content from the series you love. That's why we're proud to present our new Faction Paradox range of audio and visual releases, as well as some other treats for fans of our previous audio range.

Your purchases mean a great deal to us, and will help us fund future projects based on the series you love.

PROBE Takeover!

Our first Faction Paradox release sees the band of time travelling cultists cross over with our PROBE series in PROBE/Faction Paradox: Daylight Savings. Click here to find out more.
Audio Adventures!
Our continuing range of Faction Paradox audio adventures starts with Faction Paradox: Eternal Escape, by James Hornby. The tale follows Dionus (Bill Baggs), an ex-member of the House Military, as he tries to find a new home away from the War. Click here to take a look.

More adventures are planned, featuring a host of writing talent both old and new. Stay tuned for further updates!
The Scripts!
As a treat to all you Faction Paradox fans out there, the scripts of our Faction Paradox Protocols audio dramas are now available to purchase as eScripts or as physical copies. Click here to find out more.
Back Catalogue

Don't forget we have an extensive back catalogue featuring over 20 video productions and 40 audio adventures! Click the links to find out more.
The end? Maybe for this newsletter — we're just getting started.

Stay tunes for further updates on new releases. We're committed to bringing you lots of new content featuring the characters you love. Lots more exciting announcements to come!

Thank you all again for your continued support. Remember, every purchase helps to fund future projects.
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