Sabbath and the King Newsletter

The team at BBV are proud to announce a special release in our Faction Paradox range, Sabbath and the King, by Aristide Twain.

Betrayed by his own timeship, the King of Time is lost in the darkness. And yet — might there still be hope for him?

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A prelude to the story can also be found on our YouTube channel.

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The Brigadier Adventures

John Peel kicks off our new range of Brigadier Adventures with Memories of Tomorrow.  The Brigadier moves into his new headquarters, which he soon discovers is haunted by several ghosts. There's a screaming soldier who bursts into flames before vanishing, an Egyptian held over from the house that used to be there. And then there's an older man, who the Brigadier knows only too well...

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More Faction Paradox Adventures!
Our continuing range of Faction Paradox audio adventures starts with Faction Paradox: Eternal Escape, by James Hornby. The tale follows Dionus (Bill Baggs), an ex-member of the House Military, as he tries to find a new home away from the War. Click here to take a look.

Dionus's adventures continue in Call Me Ishmael and The Healer's Sin by J.T. Mulholland, where the Homeworlder meets an unexpected guest from another universe, and a haunting visitor from his past. Click here for more details.

More adventures are planned, featuring a host of writing talent both old and new. Stay tuned for further updates!
Back Catalogue

Don't forget we have an extensive back catalogue featuring over 20 video productions and 40 audio adventures! Click the links to find out more.
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