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Word on the Future

September 2019 | ~ 3 min read

Welcome to the twelfth edition of Word on the Future. Thank you for being here with us.
Keywords: Digital Business Transformation; #DIGTRA 2019; Altis 2

Digital business transformation for the people

In 1999, the late David Bowie prophesied the internet would ‘crush our ideas of what mediums are all about’. Today, his historic classification of the web as an ‘alien life form’ (rather than just a tool) may resonate in particular with leaders in enterprise whose mission is to guide and execute digital business transformation (DBT).
Benjamí Puigdevall could be one of these leaders: as head of CaixaBank Digital Business, he oversees DBT at Spain’s leading bank that was founded as ‘la Caixa’ by Francesc Moragas in 1904. Moragas described himself as a man with ‘work in his head and people in his heart’ – an early social entrepreneur who incorporated several charitable institutions into the bank and used the profits of his growing enterprise to support social causes.
Over 100 years later, CaixaBank has been named the world’s Best Private Bank for digital client communication and Most Innovative Bank in Western Europe. It is the first financial institution in the world to offer cash withdrawals via facial recognition and one of the first banks to incorporate quantum computing into their research and development. Meanwhile, the bank has reduced its greenhouse emissions by 75% over the last ten years, has invested in circular economy and biodegradable cards, and has pledged to keep its branches in rural areas where people might not be able to fully rely on digital offerings yet.
What does all this have to do with WordPress and the future of its ecosystem?
I find it notable how, through all change, Puigdevall and his team haven’t allowed the ‘alien life form internet’ (Bowie) to alienate ‘la Caixa’ from its founder’s legacy and vision. Francesc Moragas’ commitment to put people first continues to be a benchmark for executing digital business transformation at the bank today.
Likewise, I believe, WordPress-based enterprises are in a place of opportunity to drive and support digital business transformation among their customers and clients with a people-first mindset and vision. Providing ‘tech on demand’ is not enough; as we’re moving 34% of the web from conservative CMS capabilities to full digital experiences, we have to augment the tech we build with sound ethical frameworks in order to turn this ‘alien life form’ into a platform serving humanity for the decades ahead of us.

Ryan McCue

Director of Engineering at Human Made
on our recent Altis 2 release

“The native analytics layer built on Altis' cloud infrastructure puts experimentation tools directly in the hands of editorial and marketing teams. It allows you to own your own data, providing much better privacy for users, and easier GDPR compliance for publishers.”

The Digital Transformation Conference 2019

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Explore: Mozilla Foundation challenges the notion ‘that digital ads can only be effective when they are targeted’ with a $100 Million investment to reshape the economics of the web.

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Noel Tock
Partner and CGO at Human Made
September 2019 contributions from: Camila Villegas, Caspar Hübinger

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