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Word on the Future

July 2019 | ~ 4 min read

Welcome to the ninth edition of Word on the Future. Thank you for being here with us.
Keywords: Experience Blocks; personalisation; omni-channel presentation

The road to a WordPress DXP?

The evolution from CMS to DXP amplifies the need for analogue marketing concepts like personalisation and experimentation to be digitised. Once digital, they intertwine with current technology trends and tools.

You can think about it as two separate forces merging together to push the market further:
  • Marketing: personalisation, experimentation, content augmentation, distribution
  • Technology: presentation layers (omni-channel, headless, apps), data science, and SaaS integrations
The outcome of these two streams merging is what we call digital experiences. They lead us beyond marketing, into true business value generation.

Traditionally, we tend to think about experimentation or personalisation as a handful of on-page A/B options. But given the technology that exists currently, that seems an inaccurate starting point. Iterating on the assumptions of humans with biases won’t scale into the future. 

Instead, our mindset should be working backwards from semi-fictitious digital experiences. Imagine websites with pages entirely built via AI. Continuous UX experiments and personalisation based on self-learning, improving, and adapting to opportunities.

In a commoditised cloud, platforms can store massive amounts of customer and behaviour data. Predictive ML models can use that data to cater content to an individual based on their data cluster.

The 2 x 2 testing chessboard thus turns into a thing our mind simply cannot visualise. This is why such a massive mind-shift is required. Yet, infinite self-generated opportunities do not imply success either. A pragmatic, human-centric, and privacy-respecting approach to solving it is key.

Introducing Experience Blocks

Experience Blocks are a new feature we’re currently developing on Altis. You can think of them as super blocks – a block of blocks that serves as a dynamic lifecycle container. They bridge two worlds: one with audiences, content, media and all other sources of structured data; the other world being the user experience, expression, and presentation of that data. Experience Blocks bring these two together to deliver digital experiences.

Adobe’s Digital Trends 2019 report seems to position the Experience Block as a key driver for the top two items on the list of ‘most important prospects in three years’:
  • Deliver personalised experiences in real time
  • Utilise AI to drive experiences/campaigns
What will the Experience Block look like? We don’t yet know exactly but you can visit the Altis website to read more about their assumed characteristics.

Eric Fullerton

Product Marketing Manager at Acquia
on the value of personalisation

‘89% of businesses are investing in personalization today. These investments encompass a significant portion of resources with 14% of marketing budgets being allocated to personalization last year. In other words, all this personalization talk is much more than just hype and headlines.’


Explore: Powering digital experiences – Altis clients can expect to be able to start using Experience Blocks as an experimental feature in Q4 of 2019.

Read: The DXP from a developer perspective – Ryan McCue, Director of Engineering at Human Made, recently published a technical introduction to Altis.

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Noel Tock
Partner and CGO at Human Made
June 2019 contributions from: Ana Silva, Camila Villegas, Caspar Hübinger

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