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Dear Inhabitat Readers,
2011 has kicked off with a blast (of cold air!) as we hit the scene of the Detroit Auto Show this week to bring you exclusive coverage of the world's newest green vehicles.  While the auto industry might have been in a slump for the past few years - especially in regards to green vehicles - the 2011  Detroit Auto Show is evidence that green cars are FINALLY coming into their own, and its about time! We are beyond thrilled to report that nearly every major automotive manufacturer at the  Detroit Auto Show this year showcased an electric, hybrid, or fuel efficient vehicle. Read on for our reportage from the show floor, watch our video and be sure to check out our Flickr gallery for more pics.  Check out the new green cars unveiled and vote for your favorite here >

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Make the Great LED Switch!
As energy-sucking incandescent bulbs are beginning to be phased out by retailers and restricted by a number of states, we couldn't think of a better time to make the switch to energy efficient lighting. One great way to shed new green light in your home this year is with one of Phillips' energy efficient AmbientLED bulbs. Built to last for 15 years and 25,000 hours of illumination, Philips' AmbientLEDs will not only shave hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill, but they'll also help reduce all the material and energy waste associated with incandescents. And with their abundant warm glow, you don't have to worry about killing the mood in your home with cold, high-contrast lighting - each AmbientLED gives off the perfect amount of light to keep things cozy!

The bulbs are now lining shelves at a store near you, and in some states, you may even qualify to receive instant discounts on Philips' energy-efficient lighting products from your local utility company! Be sure to check out Philips' Beautiful Light Program to see if this means you! To learn more about these bulbs (and receive a $10 rebate), visit the Great Light Switch.

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Jill & Mike
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