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September/October 2011 Newsletter

I've decided to make the monthly e-newsletter into a bi-monthly e-newsletter. Mostly the reason is time. I've always managed Letters & Journals on the side whle I work a full-time day job. I've recently switched jobs, which I'm totally excited about, however, my new job is taking a lot more of my time than my previous one. Everything else will continue as before - weekly blog updates, the monthly stationery giveaway, contests, etc.

Please note there are TWO contests in this newsletter. Good Luck!

The Art of Correspondence

By Jackie Flaherty

The art of correspondence begins with a thought.

“I feel like writing a letter.”
“I should send a card to say hello.”

Once the thought has been recognized, there can be a slight quickening of the pulse for those who enjoy spending time and energy in selecting the correct pen, ink and stationery for their intended recipient. Oh, the possibilities!  Maybe today you'll use the typewriter... (more)


The Mailbox Contest

Like magic portals, the mailbox takes your mail and transports it to intended recipients all over the world! I recently got a new PO Box and am anxious to get mail in it, so I'm offering a contest to do just that.  Pictured below, PO Box 120052 is not quite as charming as some of the indoor or outdoor mailboxes I've seen, but still magical when you consider what appears inside. (more)

Newsletter Contest

Win this handmade pencil box filled with 5 different pens and pencils from Nvizio (tested but not used). Unopened refills included.

1. Guess a number between 1-100.
2. Send your guess to me at
Jackie Flaherty
PO Box 120052
St. Paul, MN 55112

3. Entries must be received by November 5, 2011.
4. If more than one entry has the correct answer, the winner will be the one received first.
5. If no one guesses the number, then the person who guessed the closest wins.
6. Include your address. Contest is open to all.