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Supporting people living with cancer since 1993

Ann's Story

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 I was completely stunned and shocked as well as distressed.
I had 2 young children and was also looking after sick family members. In addition I was very busy working in a hospital providing care and support to patients including many patients with cancer.
I remember thinking this must be a mistake. I don’t get cancer; I help other people who have cancer.
I felt very let down by my body and lost confidence in my body and myself. It was hard to believe that my body had been developing an aggressive cancer that could kill me and deprive my children of their mother, and I wasn’t even aware that it was happening.
A lovely, caring friend told me about Life Force and encouraged me to get in contact with them. I rang and spoke with Jilly. I can’t remember the conversation but I can remember the feeling of being enveloped, comforted and supported by Jilly’s warmth, understanding and compassion.
I started going to the group at Edgecliff with Jilly and Caro. It was a huge help to me. I was surrounded by people who had been through similar diagnosis and treatment experiences. I remember thinking, this is the first time I’ve felt “normal” since my surgery.
Being in a caring, supportive environment with people who had been through the same or similar things to me, including  disfiguring surgery, helped me to adjust to what was happening to me and helped me to integrate this new, different me into the old me and helped me to see that there was a way forward despite the uncertainty.
Caro’s meditation sessions were extremely helpful. I never wanted them to end and used a lot of the imagery to help myself between group sessions.
I also went on a Life Force group retreat which was really lovely. The opportunity to focus on our recovery with the aid of meditation, visualisation, massage and other helpful activities in a beautiful environment with caring, skilled facilitators was very positive and healing.
Twenty six years later I still remember and appreciate the wonderful help, compassion and warmth I was privileged to receive from Life Force.
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Reading Ann’s story distills the importance of having somewhere to turn to when the world turns dark.
Life Force Foundation has become a symbol of life and hope for people living with cancer.
We have received wonderful responses from the cancer community we serve, expressing their gratitude for the generosity of strangers. Many have spoken of how much it means to them, that they do not feel so alone, and that the support groups and programs Life Force offers have been so helpful in deepening their healing.
It is this ‘generosity of strangers’, that lifts them up, helps them to regain their confidence and re-engage with life because it tells them that people out there, care about their wellbeing.
Our Life Force programs help people living with cancer build resilience and enhance their wellbeing. These programs can only happen with generous donations from our benefactors. Thanks to all our regular donors for their wonderful contributions.
Your ongoing support will help us to help them.

Please give generously to make a difference to someone’s life.
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Feedback from the Field
Just back from a wonderful and very successful Life Force Retreat for cancer survivors that we held in Dubbo, Western NSW Local Health District. Twelve women attended the one-day program on May 30 at a lovely venue on the Macquarie River. Participants were referred by the Oncology treatment team at Dubbo Hospital.
The women benefited from the day’s activities, discussions and sharing with others treading a similar path.
Some had not had the opportunity to talk to other people living with cancer prior to coming to the Life Force retreat. What they found was a new “family” with whom they could share the experience and find support, friendship and encouragement going forward, for optimal health and wellbeing.
Always lovely and inspiring for us to witness.
Thank you to our great Life Force team of therapists and to the fabulous group of women who attended and who continue to inspire us.  
Here are some of their comments:
“A beautiful relaxing day to gently challenge us to reflect and look inwardly at our strengths, to develop an awareness and encourage ourselves to hang in there.” Trish
“Most enjoyable, beautiful presenters. Lots of skills to help us in everyday life on good and bad days!! We are all survivors who struggle but the topics introduced us to techniques to help us cope. Wonderful.” Anne
“Thank you for your time and teachings. I feel grateful to accept these great ideas.” Mandy
“A very enlightening experience, and I’m so very grateful to share this wonderful warm- hearted day. I was amazed at the ease with which I gathered courage to be open and vulnerable. I felt trust shared by all. Beautiful female souls. I needed this. THANK YOU.” Jane
“Thank you for a relaxing day, connecting with amazing ladies and myself. It was much needed and appreciated.” Carolyn
“A lovely day to stop, relax and think of me and reconnect with who I am. Thank you xx” Ruth
“I felt confident to share experiences and talk openly without judgement!” Jenni

“Smiling faces on retreat”! A great group of amazing women

Sound Bath for Life Force Cancer Foundation
Come along to a fundraising event for Life Force on Sunday 27th June, 2021.  The beautiful Anastasia from Genesis of Health will be playing her crystal singing bowls in a “Sound Bath” – or sound healing at the Annandale Community Centre.  All the proceeds of the Sound Bath will go to Life Force Cancer Foundation.

Sound healing is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man.
It uses the power of sound to restore one’s mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance and harmony. When played, crystal singing bowls make a vibration or sound called resonance which is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Our bodies, organs, bones, chakras and nervous system all have their own natural resonance and vibrate at a different resonant frequency and hold their own form of consciousness.  The Sound Bath for LFCF will focus on playing the crystal singing bowls to balance and clear the body’s chakras

27th June, 2021 – 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Annandale Community Centre
79 Johnston St, Annandale
Cost $50.00 plus booking fee
Light refreshments will be available.

What to bring
Please bring a yoga mat, cushion or pillow, rug and pen.  We will have a small supply of mats, cushions and throws available if you don’t have one.
You can participate in the Sound Bath seated in a chair and there will be chairs provided.

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