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Supporting people living with cancer since 1993

Dates to remember:
   Life Force Memories Day Oct 19
  Life Force Trivia Night Oct 22 - Book now!
Dear friends and supporters
Greetings from all of us at Life Force. As Spring brings renewal to the land, we are experiencing a time of change and renewal in our own lives as we navigate this time of difficulty and uncertainty with Covid as well as the cancer journey.

Let us together explore ways of moving forward so that we live according to our true values and act in a spirit of loving kindness towards ourselves and others. What’s more, let us extend that to include all living things in our world as we are all interconnected at a deep level. Let us strive to care for the health and wellbeing of each other and our beautiful planet.

We hope you enjoy reading the stories in this newsletter, and take away some inspiration from them.

With love from all the Life Force Team.

It is well known that carers will often put the needs of the person they care for before their own and forget to look after themselves.  Research conducted by Sydney University and the Cancer Council NSW revealed that depression and anxiety are widespread among carers which impacts their own health and can also affect the quality of care they are able to provide a loved one.
Taking care of a loved one diagnosed with cancer is extremely demanding and can place a heavy burden on the emotional and physical resources of partners, family members and friends.
There can be an overwhelming sense of responsibility felt by a friend or family member to take a key role as carer in looking after their loved one going through cancer and they may not always feel they have a real choice about the caring role, which may further add to the burden.
Taking care of someone can be stressful, and sometimes you might feel anxious, angry, frustrated, resentful or sad. It’s important that you find ways to manage your stress and stay mentally and physically healthy.
The carer can easily feel lonely and isolated if they lose contact with friends and social groups. This can happen when they are busy with caring duties and others can’t fully understand what they are going through.  A support group can be a great way to connect with others who are going through a similar experience.

Join our Life Force Carers’ group.
Term 4 commences on Thursday October 14
and runs every Thursday via Zoom for 10 weeks till December 16.
Young and old can find help, care, understanding and support here.
Call Jane: 0412 643 751 to find out more and to register.

Carers’ Stories
Here are some stories from people who
have attended our Life Force Carers’ group sessions:
Virginia writes:
When my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, and later metastatic cancer in 2018, I took on the responsibility to care for her as an only child. Having no immediate family members made it very overwhelming and extremely difficult at times. It was a relief in 2021 when I found the Life Force carers group online and I started attending weekly via zoom. The group has helped me immensely to say the least. It has been an amazing experience that I will always remember and will hopefully be a part of for years to come. The group has enabled me to see things from a distance and has given me a precious space away from my situation that I can go and visit every Thursday. Because of the support I have received in the group I have been able to re-connect with myself and prioritise my well-being. I have gone through many transitions to better my life because of this group. I feel immense gratitude for the support I have received. I have also become a great meditator and have been able use different methods of meditation and mindfulness to ease my anxiety. The Thursday group is always something I look forward to and I cherish the friends I have made in the group. I thank Jane and Caro for all their kindness and dedication, it has made the world of difference.

Anastasia's story:
It was March 2015 when dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. My world changed during that month. Dealing not only with his dementia, cancer was another blow to the family. I had many questions and not enough answers. Sure, the practicality of taking him for tests, scans, radiation treatment, x-rays and further tests were difficult however the physical and emotional toll was the most challenging I faced being the primary carer for dad’s journey.  
The week of his diagnosis I reached out as I needed support to get me through this cancer maze. I found Life Force and attended the carer’s group for the first few weeks. Each week I became open to sharing my thoughts and feelings in a caring and encouraging environment. So, I stayed as long as I needed. I shared my laughter and my struggles with each week’s events. The meditation grounded my soul when it was needed, the talks helped me deal with the challenges a carer faces. Through Life Force, I learned to elevate the maze of cancer and get back to the fundamental importance of spiritual growth and acceptance of a soul’s journey. “They were the blanket of warmth and comfort when you felt you were left out in the cold”  
Forever grateful to the people of Life Force...

You can read more stories from people who have attended our support groups in  “FINDING OUR LIFE FORCE” - a book about healing and dealing with cancer.
The book contains three sections: the first is a series of meditations, the second contains seventeen stories written by people who have had cancer and who have cared for someone with cancer, and the third section has essays on healing through music, art, and journaling. There isn’t a book like this on the market.
With an introduction by Professor Michael Friedlander AM, patron of Life Force Cancer Foundation, and the foreword by Lisa Forrest.
The book can be purchased through our website here.
Save the date! Save the date!!
Life Force Trivia Night

Join our 2021 Trivia event and you will not only have lots of fun, but you will also be raising funds for a fabulous cause, supporting the work of Life Force Cancer Foundation, making a real difference in the lives of our many friends and loved ones facing the challenges of cancer.

Make your StayAtHome more enjoyable with a night full of fun!

Friday 22nd October, 2021 – 6.30pm
Online Event
Tickets $25 plus booking fee
Life Force Memories Day

In October each year we celebrate Life Force Memories Day.
A time to remember all those who have been part of the Life Force Family over the years, all those who have died, who have gone before us and have enriched our lives through their presence.
In our 26th Anniversary Year as a charitable institution, we honour them all, and thank them for the gifts they have given us.
We stay in connection with those who have gone. Though their lives seem to have been lost, we always remember them and so they continue to be part of our ongoing story.  They will always be with us inspiring us to continue.

We honour all who have lost their lives to cancer, and send our loving thoughts and wishes to those who love them.  Please join us on Facebook on October 19 to celebrate the lives of all who showed us the way and all those in our community living with cancer today, cancer survivors and those who love and care for them.  Light a candle in memory of someone whose life you would like to celebrate.  Send messages of love and hope to all who are going through the experience of cancer today.
Remember to save the date: October 19 – Life Force Memories Day
1995 to 2021 – on Facebook.
Life Force is here to offer loving care and support to people of all genders and all cancer types at all stages of the cancer journey.
You can call our counselling team
Jane: 0412 643 751
If you are able to help us continue our services for those affected by cancer in the community, you can make a contribution here...

Your kind donation may mean the world to someone struggling to pick up the pieces and rebuild their life.
Any contribution large or small will be much appreciated.
We thank you in advance.
The Life Force Team

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