The times, they are a-changin' at MTN...

It's been a busy month here in the studios. After taking an extended holiday break for structural reorganization, we reopened on January 8th and have been hard at work ever since, renovating and innovating our offerings for members.

While some of these things are small changes (like a new coat of green screen in Studio A), some are pretty big deals, and we'd like to share a few with you...

Mobile Podcast Rig

MTN now has a mobile podcast rig which allows members to roll it into any available studio to capture quality audio recordings. Featuring "Blue" mics, a "Zoom" field recorder, tablet holders, and a Chromebook interface, training on this super easy-to-use rig is available now.

New Open Studio Hours

Monday - Thursday: 1pm - 9pm
Friday: By appointment only and special events
Saturday: 10am - 6pm and special events

New Programs and Initiatives

We have some new ideas on how you can engage with us in 2018... Through partnerships with other nonprofits in the Twin Cities, we are offering new opportunities for training, equipment upgrades through tech recycling, and increased ability for you to use the MTN platform in a whole new way.

Our Ambassador Program is an advanced training program which allows members to gain certain "badges" for skills mastered, which then qualifies them for paid production work as it becomes available. Our first cohorts have just begun, and there are plans for expansion through a partnership with the senior employment program at Eastside Neighborhood Services

The Expert Program is an 80/20 revenue-split platform which allows instructors to provide specific media or technology training to people here in our studios and also get take-away assets to use to promote their expertise in the community. These classes then also become part of the daily programming on our channels. 

This year we are also hosting a Green Tech initiative. In partnership with Tech Dump and Tech Discounts, we will be upcycling your old technology into new equipment for projects in the studio. Old cell phones, tablets, and laptops donated through MTN will be recycled and repurposed by the team at Tech Dump/Discounts. Not using that old iPhone anymore? Bring it down to MTN and help us bridge the digital divide.  

Have something you want to share with the city of Minneapolis?
Email your clips to: and we'll get them on the air.
(YouTube links work great!)


Membership Renewals

Without droning on about the past, we know a lot of memberships have lapsed since the 2016-17 season, and we want to make sure everyone has time enough to adjust to our new structure and see the opportunities that we have to offer. We will be sending notifications out to all lapsed members about an April 1st full renewal date.

All membership fees collected in 2018 will be dedicated to replacing old mics, lights, and gels for productions.

With your renewed membership, you will be eligible to participate in all of our new programs, be invited to special events happening in our space, gain access to event press passes, and collaboratively help us build a more engaged, more informed and helpful community, together.

Please stop by and visit us in the studio to see these changes first hand!
We are still looking for new board members. If you're interested, please apply here.
Our next board meeting will be held Monday, February 12th at 6pm
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