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The "I'm not an artist" Edition

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So you want to make a quote image?

Face it - those "memes" or "quote images" are still as popular as ever. Sure, Facebook tends to penalize them and not count them as good content. But check Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and yes, even Facebook, and you'll see these images with overlaid text abound.

So how do you make these images if you're not a graphic designer? Here are some apps that can help:

1. Recite

Type in your quote then toggle through a nice selection of free background and font combinations. Looking for quote inspiration? Click the Find A Quote button on the right side of the site and voila! Try Recite.

2. Quozio

The site is a little pokey but very straightforward. Type in your quote then choose from a number of background and font combinations. Install their Bookmarklet and create a quote image from text you highlight on any web page. Signing up lets you save your favorite quotes. Try Quozio.
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3. Quote Generator

Fiddle around with fonts and backgrounds including creating your own backgrounds. Add in one of their fun symbols. Download a version of your image for posting or to use as your Facebook cover image. Then you can sell it! Try the Quote Generator.

4. Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover lets you render your quote images for social media, e-cards, Pinterest pins, Facebook Covers or Twitter Headers, Wallpaper, even Prints. Play around with colors, fonts, even draw or insert your own background. Takes a little trial and error to get it right. Try Quotes Cover.


5. PixTeller

Pick from many colors, combinations and images. Make someone else's image your own (Repix). Play around with fonts, an array of icons, then share. Try PixTeller

How do you create your quote graphics and images?

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