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just one thing...Facebook Timeline

How's your Facebook Page look today?

If you're like me, you've got a lot of email just sitting around waiting to be opened and read. I want to make sure this is immediately useful to you.

So how's your Facebook Timeline for Pages? Were you ready for the switch this past weekend?

Here is a quick checklist for you of 4 things you can - and should do - to start optimizing Timeline for your Facebook Page.

Dimensions you need to know:
Cover image: 851x315
Profile image: 180x180
Apps Boxes image: 111x74

1. Choose a cover image and profile image. You can choose a higher resolution image for your cover image that's already in your Page's photo albums or size one especially for this first-impression image. Don't be too promotional with it, but consider customizing  cover image with your tagline or some visual accents that draw the eye to the app boxes.

For your profile image, you can choose from your photos, take a picture, or upload a photo. I wouldn't recommend taking a picture unless that is part of your brand personality. Choose a profile image that is clear and reflective of your brand and that also looks good as the tiny icon next to your Wall posts.

2. Arrange your apps boxes. Remember tabs? They are now called apps, and not all of them can be manipulated. Photos can't be moved, and will always appear on the left of the four apps boxes that are visible under the cover image. Other Facebook default apps such as Video, Events and Notes can be moved around but their image cannot be changed.

Click the upsidedown triangle to the right of the fourth app box to reveal all apps you currently have added to your Page. Hover your cursor over the app box to swap positions with another app or to remove it if you don't need it. Be strategic about the three app boxes that are visible next to Photos. Consider whether or not the Likes box is important to show. Add apps to your Page that are useful, not clutter. Unless you're promoting a location, Map isn't really relevant so if it shows up prominently, move it to "hide" it. 

3. Illustrate your apps boxes. Not all apps boxes are customizable. Photos, Videos, Events and Notes can be moved but will only display the last content you uploaded. You should be able to customize your third party apps with custom buttons using tools such as ShortStack and TabSite (referral links).  Think "actions," and design app box graphics with messages such as "Subscribe," "Register" and "Shop." Find the "Change Tab Image" button under Edit Settings for each app box that can be changed.

4. Edit your About section. Craft a short, concise, action-oriented description of your business or organization, and include a link to a strategic page (usually your website but not necessarily your home page). Again, think "actions." What do you want people to do when you direct them to your site? Register for an event? Sign up for your email list? Buy something? Direct them there.

I know this is just about the top portion of your Page, but this is what people see when they first land on your Page. Make sure what's there is arranged and designed to best reflect your brand and to prompt people with cues as to what you'd like them to do.

Good luck - and let me know if you have any questions!

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