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The "Wow, that's helpful!" Edition

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Surprisingly handy apps

Every so often, I come across a really simple app that fills a need. Here are a few no-frills, mostly single-feature apps that are just plain helpful.

1. Print a Calendar page

I'm a visual person and love printing calendar pages as part of my planning process. I find Word template calendars annoying so I use these ready-made printable calendar pages instead.

2. Printer-friendly Web Pages

Speaking of printing, I find printing web pages onerous when the site doesn't offer printer-friendly versions of the pages without ads. Just drop the web page URL into this tool for a printer-friendly PDF of the page. You can also use the PDF to send web pages as attachments. [Caveat: Doesn't work for all web pages.]
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3. Aspect Ratio Calculator

If you're not a graphic designer, then you probably see "Aspect Ratio" and think "Huh?" But if you're dealing with images or video, you'll need to know how to maintain the aspect ratio at one time or another. That means when you want to resize an image or video, you must keep the same ratio between the width and height. Try this Aspect Ratio Calculator. I bet you'll realize how much you needed this app and didn't even know it!

TIP - Need a calculator in a pinch? Just type Calculator into Google, & you'll get to a web-based Google Calculator!

4. Color Calculators

Ever need to figure out the hexidecimal number for an RGB color or vice versa? Here's a handy Hex Color Tool that can make the conversion easier for you. Or if it is color schemes you want, find out the triad, complementary, analogous, and split complementary colors for any color using this Color Scheme Calculator


5. Amazon Affiliate Link Maker

If you've got an Amazon Affiliate account, quickly make text links and image links with your Associate ID. Just add your Associate ID into the tool along with the ASIN, ISBN or Amazon URL of the item you'd like to sell, and voila! 

What simple web-based tools do you use and love? Hit Reply to this email and share. Thank you!

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