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5 ways you can add to your Facebook Page today

I'm always looking for easy ways to add more features to my Facebook Pages so that my Page isn't a lone, disconnected outpost but instead helps to drive traffic to - and build awareness of - the other content I produce elsewhere online.

Here are some free and fee-based tools you can use to instantly link some of your other content channels with your Facebook Page. 

1. Involver Apps - This free gallery has quality, stable apps you can add to your Page. Note: You can only install two of their apps for free. Involver free apps include Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, Scribd, Coupons, and Social Catalog (social shopping). Here's how the Twitter app looks: Aliza's Involver Twitter App

2. MailChimp - I do love MailChimp for my email newsletter, and they have an app to add an email subscription form to your Page (as does Constant Contact). Here is mine: Aliza's MailChimp App

3. Pinvolve - This app adds a little Pinterest functionality to your Page. The app pulls the images and post content from your Facebook Page and makes it all "pinable." That means that when someone clicks on a post of yours in this app, they can easily pin it to Pinterest. This bypasses Facebook's block on pinning content from their site. Here's an example of Pinvolve: Cowgirl Sisterhood's Pinvolve (the free version has an "ad" at the top)

4. Wildfire - Looking to hold a contest on your Facebook Page? You know that Facebook doesn't allow contests on your Page Wall, right? Use Wildfire's free or fee-based promotion builder to create interactive sweepstakes, contests and other campaigns. (I don't have a contest running right now, but when I do, I'll write about it in a future email).

5. WooBox Tab - You can add this app for a quick and dirty custom tab using any HTML you'd like. They also have a Pinterest feature that pulls your Pinterest account into your Facebook Page. It's not perfectly aligned but a good interim fix until there is more Pinterest integration with Facebook. Here's an example of mine: Aliza's WooBox Pinterest App

And, of course, I also use ShortStack for custom apps.

Remember that when using a third-party apps company, you may experience a slight delay as the content loads.

What apps have you added to your Facebook Page?

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