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The "Random" Edition

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Random useful apps, emphasis: useful

While I hope many of the apps I recommend in these emails prove useful to you, here are some random apps that I think have immediate utility.

1. You Borrowed It

APP: You Borrowed It - You lent it out, and never got it back. Sound familiar? This app combines a reminder alert, a list of borrowed items, photos showing their original condition, and the names and dates of the borrowers. 
For iPhone | For Android | For Blackberry | For Windows

2. Drafts

For iPhone or iPad, this app is immediately ready for text notes for any content you want to type quickly. Use Drafts to compose text without distractions or extra steps, then send as an email, SMS, or Calendar entry or to Twitter, Facebook,, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. [Thanks to Renee Fishman for this one].
For iPhone | iPad | For Android: Draft.
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3. Streaks

Looking for motivation to follow through with something? The Streaks app lets you track how many days in a row you do something you want to do - like work on your book, exercise, refrain from eating sugar, meditate, you name it. Add goals, prioritize them, set frequency, turn on reminders, and get to it! 
For iPhone | For Android: GoalTracker. [Thanks to Peg Samuels for this one].

4. Key Ring

Reduce the size of your wallet by eliminating all those loyalty cards, frequent flyer cards, hotel affinity cards, library cards, gift cards, you name it. Store barcoded cards on your smartphone instead for easy access to a multitude of cards so you don't have to stuff your wallet anymore.
For iPhone | For Android.

Writing and Publishing Books

While most of my work is in digital marketing, I find that more people ask me about writing and publishing books than about Facebook or Twitter. So I'm putting together a resource focused mostly on nonfiction book writing and publishing at It's a labor of love project, but I've already posted a few of my old book proposals that led directly to book deals that you can download for free. Check out Bookgirl.

Life is short. Do what you love.

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