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The "Collaboration" Edition

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Apps for collaborating with others

While I struggle to get my own mobile device use under control (see "How to untether your life" at the bottom of this email), I am still a huge proponent of apps and web tools to increase our productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Speaking of collaboration, here are some apps for working with others to get things done. Please forward this email to friends and colleagues. I appreciate your support!

1. Kona

Manage your projects with your personal or professional groups (or both). Kona brings together conversations, tasks, events and files on the web and through apps for iOS and Android. The free version includes two owned spaces, unlimited team members and 1 GB storage. Try Kona.

2. Moxtra

Moxtra offers mobile team messaging, content collaboration, meetings and task management. Available for mobile devices as well as for your desktop and web browser via a web clipper. Download for iOS | Android | Blackberry | Desktop. Check out Moxtra.
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3. Teem'd

If you want to collaborate with a team specifically to share social media messaging, the Teem'd platform can help. Collaborate with others to create, edit and approve content, then distribute that content to others who can share it with their social networks. Request a free trial. Try Teem'd.

4. Workflowy

WorkFlowy is a mobile organization app for both personal to-do's as well as collaboration on team projects. The app uses a "zoomable document" with a flowing editing process to work through lists and steps. Try Workflowy.

5. TeamTeam
Manage a group or team using Teamteam for free for up to 12 team members. Set up a shared events calendar, message board, mailing list, reminders and a personal team website. Available as an iPhone and web app. Try Teamteam.

How do you "untether" your life?

I'm working on my next book, working title: Digital Zen: Untether Your Life. This book comes at the heels of my own personal realization that 20+ years after embracing Internet technology as an essential tool for my work and my life, I've developed bad habits that have put my tech devices and online communications between me and the people or experiences right in front of me.

As I work through breaking bad habits, I want to share not only my stories but yours as well. I hope you'll share your stories and tips with me for possible inclusion in my book.
  • If you have a story to share about being tethered to your devices or an opinion about the pros or cons of being tethered, please share it here.
  • If you have a TIP to share about untethering - something that has worked for you or that you're implementing to untether - please submit your tip here.
I'll be in touch if I'm considering your story or tip for inclusion in my book.

Read my latest post on the topic of "untethering" here: "Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen."

Life is short. Do what you love. (And put down your electronics while doing it.)

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