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The "Virtually Selling" Edition

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Apps to Sell (Digital) Things Online

Setting up an online store is easier than ever. Here are several apps that let you set up shop to sell virtual things in a snap!

1. Sellfy

Ebooks, videos, design assets, songs, software, you name it: Sellfy lets you "Sell without a website. No coding or technical skills required." Love that! No monthly or setup fees, and like most commerce platforms, they charge a small per transaction fee (5%), but you get your money instantly. A neat feature: Social Discounts - the ability to give discounts to anyone who shares a link to your products through social media. Try Sellfy.

2. Gumroad

Geared toward "Creators," Gumroad focuses on Music, Film, Books, and Courses with no hosting fees, no monthly fees, no bandwidth fees, and no refund fees. A slightly higher per transaction fee than Sellfy (5% + 25¢) but processes credit cards directly (to bypass PayPal fees, if you prefer, but note this doesn't include credit card transaction fees). The site lets you set up a simple affiliate program for any of your goods. P.S. You can also sell physical goods on Gumroad. Try Gumroad.
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3. Simple Goods

Easy peasy "lightweight" shopping cart for your site. Embed the Simple Goods checkout button on your website to drive sales. No monthly fees (3% per sale) up to 3 products then next level is $9/month + 1% per sale for 10 products followed by $29/month + 0% per sale for 50 products. (Keep in mind you may have Stripe or PayPal fees and all plans require that you have a Stripe account.) No limits on file storage or bandwidth. Integrates with Wordpress, SquareSpaces, and Tumblr. Try Simple Goods.

4. Selz

If you're looking to sell just a few digital products with the ability to quickly add your store to a Wordpress website or your Facebook Page, Selz lets you do that. Free up to 5 items, then monthly fees start at $12.99/mo. Plus 2% transaction fee plus 2.9% + 30¢ credit card processing fee. Try Selz.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and monetize!

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