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The Inbox Zero Edition

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Apps for better email management

Have you ever reached Inbox Zero? I do at the end of every year. Of course, I achieve this by moving all the emails in my Inbox to a folder labeled with the year that is ending. Instant Inbox Zero! And if I need anything, I can always search my Gmail.

I've tried to keep up with email, and I'd give myself a C- for my ability to stay on top of it all. I use some apps although not all email apps are helpful. I recently signed up for Inbox by Gmail but quickly deleted it off my phone - it drove me crazy. Below are some of the apps that I use to make email less onerous as well as a few new ones I've recently found.

1. Boomerang

I love Boomerang for Gmail. This app lets me schedule emails to be sent later so when I'm working after hours, nobody thinks I'm a workaholic. You can also schedule emails to be sent back to you to respond at a later date or email yourself reminders that will arrive whenever you want.


Roll up the email newsletters you receive up into a single email digest through, and also easily unsubscribe from email newsletters that clutter your inbox. Simple, effective, relief.
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3. Boxer

Available for iOS and Android phones, Boxer lets you tailor your inbox to be more productive and save time. Features include bulk edit, quick response, smart labels, customized swipes to clear out your inbox, and custom signatures and notification sounds. Integrates with Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

4. Enforced Vacation

"Stop working after work," says the Enforced Vacation website. When a work email is sent outside of work hours, this app pauses delivery then sends it the following morning during regular work hours. Said to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

How do you manage email madness?

How do you "untether" your life and deal with the stress of constant connectivity?

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