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Interesting Apps for Reading and Writing

If you know me, you know I'm an avid reader and can be a prolific writer. Of course, I'm also a huge fan of apps that help me do anything better, and I love to share what I find (hence this email newsletter). With all of that in mind, here are some reading and writing apps that have caught my eye...

1. Spritz

This fascinating app based on a reading methodology will transform how you read. How? By training you to access the Optimal Reading Point or OPR in words to minimize your eye movements and increase your reading speed. Still a bit of an experiment, but it will blow your mind. Get the Spritzlet for your web browser or watch it in action within the website for the upcoming movie Lucy


This website takes the Spritz method and lets you apply it to websites and PDF files. Give it a try, and watch your reading speed (WPM i.e. words per minute) increase pretty quickly.

3. Readability

An entirely different kind of reading app that "zaps" clutter from any web page you're reading. Gone are the distracting widgets, advertisements and plug-ins that make web pages busy and annoying. Add it to your web browser for quick web page cleanups or download the app to your iPhone & iPad or Android devices.

4. Mindly

Mind mapping can be a visual way to make and access notes for your writing projects. Use this simple, very cool, free mind mapping app to organize your ideas on your iPhone. Some Android alternatives include iMindMap (from Tony Buzan, the man who invented the mind mapping technique) and MindMapper.

5. FocusWriter

Get rid of writing distractions when writing on your computer. FocusWriter wipes your screen clean so only the document you're writing is visible. Available for PC, Mac, even Linux. Free although there is the option to tip the developer.

6. Hemingway

Quickly identify your common writing errors. Type or paste in your content and get a "grade" that highlights phrasing issues, use of adverbs, sentence complexity and other criteria. Your grade is based on how easy your writing is to understand i.e. at what grade level.


A collaborative writing app for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android and even Mac and PC via your web browser. Compose, edit and discuss what you've written using Quip. For personal and family use (shopping lists, vacation plans) or a paid version for you and your business team (client proposals, work processes, event planning). Free for personal. Business: $12/user/month

Life is short. Do what you love.

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