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5 Useful Apps You May Not Know

Sometimes I find random apps that I want to share but they don't fit a specific category or I've covered the category recently yet still think they are worth sharing. So here is a quick compilation of some miscellaneous but potentially useful apps for you that you may not know. - If you have a list on your blog, you can use to make it collaborative. Create a list, embed the code into your blog, and allow others to add to the list. Voting let's others participate in refining the list.

2. Readlists - Bundle together a list of web pages into an e-book. Assemble how-to material, recipes, related articles, anything that you want to have in one document. Send to your Kindle, iPhone/iPad, Dropbox, or email or download the epub file.

3. Timeline - Create a visual timeline for your website or blog. Start with a Google Spreadsheet of dates.

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4. Alertful - Simple, web-based reminder app. Pick the type of reminder or make a custom one, enter date, time, email address and frequency of reminders. A little old-school but handy.

5. Loupe - Create collages of photos from your various accounts (Facebook, Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr and more). Choose from shape templates or create your own. Save, download or easily share on your favorite social networks.

What apps have you seen lately that are proving useful to you?
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