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The Meeting Virtually Edition

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Apps for sharing your computer screen

Conference calls are much better with visuals, and sharing your computer screen has gotten so much easier - plus doing it doesn't always require a software download. I've used Skype and even Google Hangouts before, but sometimes other apps seem handier, especially when call participants don't use the same software.

Here are some screen sharing, conference calling apps that may prove helpful! Next week, I'm exploring apps that attempt to take the pain out of email. Inbox Zero, anyone?

1. Speek
Share a link instead of a Pin and use the Speek web interface to see who's joined the call and who's talking. Share files, and IM while on the call. The free version includes a dedicated conference line for up to 5 participants. Pro version ($19/mo.) includes screen share and priority customer support. Mobile apps for iPhoneAndroid and Windows Phone.
A quick download of the toolbar, and you can start a meeting with screen sharing for free. Set up and share a personal link (Pro version only - $13/mo. billed annually) or give a one-time code for your call. Viewers don't need to download anything to see your screen. Call by Internet (VOIP) for free or by phone if you have the Pro version. Mobile apps for iPhone, Android.
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3. ScreenLeap
Just click a button at, download their software, and you're sharing your screen with any device (uses Java). You don't have to set up an account or sign in, but you are limited to sharing your screen for 30 minutes with 2 viewers. A free account gives you 1-2 hours of sharing per day with up to 8 viewers. $15/month (paid annually) provides 8 hours per day and up to 30 viewers plus audio conferencing.

4. StartMeeting
StartMeeting's free version includes audio conferencing for up to 1,000 callers (!) and "Studio" software to create cloud-based presentations (recording anything on your screen with audio - nice!). Screen sharing starts at $19.95 for 50 seats and includes text chat, switching presenters, and annotation tools. (Compare to GoToMeeting at $39/mo. for up to 25 participants).

How do you share your computer screen for virtual meetings and presentations?

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