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4 Fun and Easy-to-Use Quote Image Makers

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Now on with the tips. I've added some visuals today. Let me know what you think.

You've probably seen "Quote Images" before. Like this:

If you are not a graphic designer and wondering how you can create something like it, here are some simple Web-based and mobile apps that make the process very easy.

1. Recite - Simply add a quote into the blank field, then peruse their font and background combos to generate an image with text over it. You can then post the image that is generated straight from the site to Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter or choose to download the image or email it to friends. Each image generated has a permalink on the image sharing site Piccsy. Try Recite.

2. QuotesCover - Find famous quotes to use or enter your own with this web-based app. Then choose if you are making a Facebook cover, Google+ cover, Facebook post or a Tweet, Wallpaper, an E-Card or if you are printing it out (generates a higher resolution image). Each option gives you additional choices such as dimensions, shape and layout. The quote image is then put into Edit Mode so you can manipulate the font and background color, add a background pic, and make other design tweaks. Voila! Download your image and use. Try QuotesCover.

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3. Keep Calm-o-Matic - You may have seen the was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 before the start of the Second World War that read "Keep Calm and Carry On" with a symbol of the royal crown. Or you may have seen variations of it on Pinterest or another website (Keep Calm and Swim On, Write On, Dance On, Run On, etc.). Pin it, tweet it, download it and use it anywhere online. You can also order posters, tshirts, mugs and more with your new poster image. If you're interested in creating your own custom poster, try the Calm-o-Matic.

4. Over (for iOS) - Got an iPhone? Over lets you add text to an image right on your iPhone then save it, email it, tweet it, post on Instagram, etc. I love the app and love the company (full disclosure: I advised the company when they were in super startup mode). Try Over.

5. A Beautiful Mess (for iOS) - I learned about this app from my co-author Danielle Smith and love the creative flourishes you can do on your images. Try A Beautiful Mess.

6. Phonto (for Android or iOS) - Okay, Android users, here's one for you! Phonto gets a lot of raves although I haven't tried it myself. But I can't neglect my Droid friends. Try Phonto for Android.

What apps do you use to create quote images?
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