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The "Texting, Texting, 1,2,3" Edition

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My New Book

Before we talk about apps, I'd like to announce my new book: The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit

I am blown away and honored that Beth Kanter agreed to write a book with me. We’re combining our many years of experience working with nonprofit organizations around the globe to show on how our theories and practices about self-care and mindfulness can produce positive results for nonprofits. 

Want to be included in our book? Let us know if you have some ideas, examples, or tips about nonprofit organizational self-care to share:

My last 2 books were co-written with the phenomenal Danielle Smith who showed me how great writing with a co-author can be: Now on with the apps...

Marketing to People's Smartphones

Smartphones are starting to dominate the way we access the Internet. So how can you tap into your customer's growing acceptance of communicating and researching on their phone and use SMS (text messaging) as another way of reaching them?

Here are some apps that can help you grow your (permission-based) database of customer and prospect mobile phone number list and craft text messaging and SMS campaigns.

1. YepText

Start a text messaging campaign quickly and affordably with YepText. Pick you "YepWords" i.e. relevant keywords that you'd like to "own" to trigger your campaigns. Instruct people to text to connect. Example: "Text aliza to 41242 to join my text messaging experiment. I'll send you occasional text tips & apps to get to greater #worklifetechzen" Try YepText (starts at $9/month).

2. EZ Texting

Pick your keyword, and your customers text it to 313131 to join your text marketing list (393939 in Canada).This do-it-yourself SMS and MMS Marketing Service has a Free & Ez level for texting up to 500 text messages per month at no cost or pay as you go for 1 Demo Keyword, 5 cents/SMS and 10 cents/MMS. The next level is $49/month. Try EZTexting.
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New kid on the SMS Marketing block if Hitch a phone number to a URL and share your dedicated Hitched phone number to instantly connect with your audience through a automatic text message response. Useful for print ads, TV ads and other offline marketing initiatives. TEST IT OUT: "Download my age-appropriate dress up app - Girls Can Be Anything Paperdolls - for iPhone. Great for very young children! Call (256) 269-1372 to get the link." Try
Have you tested out SMS marketing? Reply to this email, and tell me about it!

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