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Growing high quality hay and pasture has long been a trade mark of AgriEnergy Resources. Money invested in hay and pasture fertility not only gives great return with higher yields, but many producers feel it has repaid them with improved animal health.

We believe the place to start to get better forages is with a complete soil test. Armed with that information we can design a program to match your goals and your budget.

The next area that needs to be addressed is the microbial life in the soil. Often we find the soil life very limited and out of balance. That is where AgriEnergy’s SP-1™, Residuce™, and Myco Seed Treat™ come in.  These biological products are designed to increase the microbial diversity in your soil.

Our dealer in Odon, IN, has a grower that sent a hay sample to the World Forage Analysis Superbowl at the World Dairy Expo.  The sample placed 12th in its category; which is very good because it was competing against hay samples from around the country, including the western hays.

All ‘Superbowl’ entries were NIR analyzed by Ag Source Soil & Forage Laboratory in Bonduel, WI.  The AgriEnergy Resources treated sample had a very nice nutrient profile with the following results on a %DM basis:  Calcium 1.42, Potassium 2.48, Sulfur 0.36, Phosphorus 0.30, and Magnesium 0.36.  The Relative Feed Value, Relative Forage Quality, N.F.C., Adjusted Crude Protein, and Protein Solubility numbers were also impressive.  This grower consistently achieves this quality, as long as the weather cooperates!

This hay was grown with a liquid AgriEnergy program. The grower stream-applied 8 gallons AgriBoost PK, 3 gallons Ammonium Thiosulfate, 5 gallons 28% Nitrogen, and 2 gallons SP-1™ after each cutting. This level of fertility is growing a lot of hay plus, according to soil tests, is keeping the field fertility levels high.  Some growers foliar feed to increase the quality of their hay, so they use lower rates.  Commonly 3 to 4 gallons AgriBoost PK and 3 to 4 gallons SP-1™.  Organic growers in this area are getting high quality hay and pastures using 5 gallons Pillar 11, 4 gallons 2-0-2 and 4 gallons SP-1™.

In other parts of the country (different soils, different climates, different grass and legume species) growers are reporting similar excellent results when using SP-1 in combination with other AgriEnergy products, including Forage Blend, Practi-Cal, Catalyst, Bloomer, and Endurance.

Growers who have followed our recommendations have reported soil becoming mellower, earth worms coming back, stands thickening, and leaf densities increasing.

Call your AgriEnergy Resources representative to discuss the best hay and pasture options for your soils, climate, goals, and budget!


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