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Using foliar fertilizers is in many ways like applying a pesticide.  For both you begin by asking questions:  How many gallons per acre will be in the total spray solution?  What are the best nozzles for this job?  Should the products being applied go out with an adjuvant?  What can I tank mix with it?  Will time of day or other environmental factors affect the performance of what is being sprayed?  And just like pesticide applications, you need to know what you are targeting.  Are we spraying for nitrogen, or iron, or calcium, or some combination of nutrients?
Many of us have just one nozzle and we’ll make that work.  Where there is a choice, a coarse droplet is usually better because coarse droplets take longer to dry which increases the opportunity for nutrient uptake.
As for adjuvants, it is almost always a good idea to incorporate a sticker and a penetrant.  Oftentimes a buffer is a good idea to reduce the burn potential of the foliar.  Occasionally a spreader is a good idea.  Spreaders make the spray solution dry out more quickly, which is usually bad.  But if you are spraying upright, waxy plants like Bahai grass and your spray droplets run right to the ground, use a spreader.  After all, a short time for absorption is better than no time for absorption. 
Tank mixes depend on what is being sprayed. 
What is the best combination of nutrients to spray?  There are seventeen essential nutrients.  Even if we throw out carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, there are still hundreds of millions of combinations that could be made.  The good news is that farmers and agronomists have access to a huge body of research, knowledge, and historical experience to bring the number of choices down to a practical level.
At AgriEnergy Resources we have formulated several foliar products that, taken together, fit most cropping situations.  Each of these products contains micronutrients balanced relative to one another, and also balanced to compensate for what the typical farm soil might or might not supply.  When the situation is not “typical” we will amend these products (on orders of 500
gallons or more) to match the specific needs of your farm.  Here are a few AgriEnergy products for foliar use.
Accelerator (1-8-5) is a low salt index product for increasing leaf area on damaged crops or on any crops where we simply want a bigger factory for energy production.
AgriBoost PK (2-10-10).  Like Accelerator this product is low salt.  The additional potassium can be quite helpful for filling out beans, fruit and the like.   
Corn Foliar (10-6-6).  Don’t let the name fool you.  Great for corn, yes, but this complex product is also very productive when applied to other grass crops.
Forage Boost (4-0-0-5Ca).  Like Corn Foliar we should have given this product a different name because there are so many applications on non-forage crops.  Yet on forage crops no other combination of nutrients that we have tried raises brix like Forage Boost.
A future Ground Work will highlight our product line of foliars for certified organic operations.
Foliar fertilization is like spraying pesticides in yet another way:  Both must pay for themselves, and then some.  Making foliars pay is a matter of accurately diagnosing nutrient shortfalls, and then applying those nutrients in the most practical, effective, and economical way possible. 
At AgriEnergy Resources we are always willing to help identify those situations when a specific foliar can improve your bottom line.
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