March 2023
Nominations, Grants, Events, and News

After an early CCCC and a concurrent Writing Research Across Borders conference in Norway, we turn AWAC’s sights to spring events and opportunities. Below you’ll read:

  • nominations for AWAC leadership roles

  • A CFP for AWAC Research Grants

  • Information about the WAC Summer Institute,

  • Two spring workshops

  • AWAC at WRAB, including a new partnership with EATAW

  • Five additional pieces of news

The Executive Committee approved a budget for 2023 and is currently working on a membership initiative. We welcome Gabe Morrison (Holy Cross) as new Web Manager, thanking Michelle Marvin for exceptional work in that role.

—Doug Hesse, Chair, on behalf of Justin Rademaekers, Ann Blakeslee,
Laurie Britt Smith, Karen Moroski-Rigney, Sherri Craig, and Paula Rosinksi.

Colorado pasqueflowers—Doug Hesse

Nominations for AWAC Leadership Roles

Here’s a last call reminder of the March 17, 2023 deadline for nominations for three Executive Committee positions, to begin terms July 1, 2023.

  • Incoming chair (three-year term, rotating through one-year terms as Incoming, Current, and Outgoing chair)

  • Two (2) Member at Large positions (each a two-year term)

Position descriptions and terms are in Article V of the AWAC bylaws, posted here for reference. In addition to these roles, several AWAC Committees will nominate new chairs.

You may nominate someone by submitting their name and contact information. You may nominate yourself by providing the following.

  • Your contact information and institutional affiliation

  • The position you would like to stand for election

  • A short bio (100 words)

  • A short statement (100 words) on why you wish to serve.

Please send nomination materials, by March 17, to Doug Hesse at

CFP: AWAC Research Grants

AWAC is accepting proposals for $1,250 research awards in four categories:

  • Doctoral students working on WAC-related research

  • Early-career scholars (those within 3 years of earning PhD) working on WAC-related research

  • Scholars researching topics in WAC related to minoritized groups

  • Scholars in the United States collaborating with international partners

For complete information, including proposal processes, see the Research Awards Page. Proposals are due April 30, 2023.

WAC Summer Institute

The WAC Summer Institute is June 11-14, 2023.

The Institute’s primary goal is to assist new and prospective leaders of WAC/WID or similar initiatives in the US and internationally in planning and developing sustainable programs. The Summer Institute also supports experienced directors who face new challenges or wish to expand, update, or revitalize their programs.

This year’s facilitators include Cristyn Elder (University of New Mexico), Dan Melzer (University of California, Davis), Laurie A. Pinkert (University of Central Florida), Al Harahap (CUNY), and Alisa Russell (Wake Forest University).

This event is in-person and will be capped at 35 participants. Registration is $800 and includes admission to the entire event; a Sunday evening reception; breakfast, coffee, and snacks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; and lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the by April 1. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a follow-up message with instructions for payment and information about lodging and transportation.

Two Workshop Opportunities

WAC Exemplary Award Winner Roundtable

April 5, 3 pm ET

Join AWAC members for a virtual roundtable on Wednesday, April 5th at 3pm Eastern/ 2pm Central/ 1pm Mountain/ 12pm Pacific, featuring Elizabeth Wardle, PhD; Mandy Olejnik, PhD; Aimee Mapes, PhD; and Emily Jo Schwaller, PhD, winners of the 2022 Exemplary WAC awards. Find detailed information and register.

WAC-GO Collaboration Event

May 16, 4 pm ET

In collaboration with the AWAC Mentoring Committee, WAC-GO is hosting an event open to graduate students interested in learning more about writing across the curriculum (WAC), writing in the disciplines (WID), writing-enriched curriculum (WEC), and writing across the globe (WAG).

Join us for this exciting virtual event on Tuesday, May 16th from 4-5:30pm Eastern/ 3-4:30pm Central/ 2-3:30pm Mountain/ 1-2:30 Pacific. This virtual workshop is intended to help graduate students from across the disciplines and writing studies learn about WAC and will feature breakout rooms by experts in a number of WAC-related topics. These topics were identified through a survey completed by graduate students across the country: “Joining WAC conversations and networks (include conferences),” “Teaching writing in the disciplines,” “TILT assignment design,” “Teaching writing in STEM,” “Inclusion-Diversity-Equity-Accessibility (IDEA) in WAC,” and “Demystifying WAC program administration.” Find detailed information and register.


AWAC sponsored the panel "Ethical Dimensions in Writing in the Disciplines” at the Writing Research Across Borders meeting in Trondheim, Norway, February 18-22. Presenting (and pictured here) were Haivan Hong (U Mass Amherst), “Why Undergraduate Students Practice Anti-Racist Writing in the Disciplines;” Carolyn Gubala (U California-Davis), “Ethical Issues of Course Design;” and Doug Eyman (George Mason), “Predatory Journals, Perverse Incentives, and AI Plagiarists.”

Thanks to the efforts of AWAC International Partnerships Chairs Chris Anson and Federico Navarro and the work of the Executive Committee, AWAC signed a partnership agreement with the European Association for Teaching Academic Writing (EATAW). Among other things, this will allow people in the respective organizations to participate at member rate in the other’s events, to have panels on respective programs, and so on. Pictured here, in the rare act of actually signing a paper document, in Trondheim, Norway, are Djuddah Leijin (U of Tartu), Magnus Gustafsson (Chalmers U of Technology), Chris Anson (N Carolina State), and Doug Hesse (U Denver).

Writing Equity Series

Led by Sherri Craig and Stacey Sheriff, AWAC has started a new whitepaper series called WE: Writing Equity. With a recurring title -- Inclusive Writing Practices in Writing Across the Curriculum; in Engineering; in Health Sciences; in Social Sciences, etc., these research briefs are designed to be discipline-specific guides that are produced by our disciplinary writing experts in the organization’s membership. The first big event in this series will be a three-hour workshop led by Sherri and Stacey at IWAC, June 14, 2023.

AWAC Statement on AI Writing

As you know, in January The AWAC Executive Committee approved a statement about the use of AI texts in WAC settings. Dozens of individuals and programs have expressed appreciation for the statement and have described using it on their campuses. You can see the statement here, including a link to a PDF version many have found useful.

The WAC Repository

AWAC and the WAC Clearinghouse invite you to contribute to the WAC Repository, a digital collection of WAC resources pertaining to WAC pedagogy and administration hosted on the WAC Clearinghouse website.

This repository will feature pedagogical, programmatic, and professional development materials. The types of articles the WAC Repository is looking to publish include WAC administration/pedagogy artifacts paired with critical reflections, WAC testimonials, and WAC program profiles.

In addition, the Repository partners with editorial teams to publish larger projects, such as crowdsourcing initiatives, collections, exhibits, and lists. To learn more about theWAC Repository and submit your work, please visit this page.

10% Discount for IWAC Registration

AWAC members can receive a 10% discount on registration for the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC), June 14-17, 2023 at Clemson University. To receive the discount, for any of our registration categories (full-time, part-time, retired, etc.), use code 23AWAC10. A link to registration is here.

Free Graduate Student Memberships

Thanks to generous donations by its members, AWAC can offer several free one-year memberships to graduate students. Contact dhesse@du.ed for information.

Colorado pasqueflowers—Doug Hesse