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Block Friday

In addition to eating microwaved turkey sandwiches, nursing hangovers, and avoiding shopping malls at all costs, we're celebrating the great American holiday of Black Friday with this ridiculous sale. The best pun we could come up with was replacing Black with Block, so lucky you! We're offering 40% off the purchase of a block for 1 day only starting at 3AM CST on November 25th.
In addition to the Block, we're offering 10% off of everything else in the store, software, video clips, DIY parts, t-shirts, and all of our controllers. This is a limited offer and will only last for as long as we have stock, our servers crash, or when our hangovers wear off and we realized what we've done!
To take advantage of this offer, just mosey on down to our custom shop and you'll see your discount at checkout. 
November 25th Only, available now from


REX Jockeying

User Demo: Video overview of using the OHM64 with Reason 5 to create a live pa setup to switch loop slots and crossfade between sources and effects. Read the tutorial and download examples at

CellDNA 2.5

Control Your Visuals: CellDNA is designed for realtime performance of video, images, and sounds. Extend it with Max/MSP, and Ableton Live. Download Your Free Demo
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