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Drone Warfare Protest at CIA
Follows Strike on Civilians in Yemen

December 14, 2013


Following a deadly U.S. drone strike on civilians in Yemen, members of a dozen peace groups wearing blue scarves gathered at the entrance of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. With guards and barricades on one side and cars whizzing by on Rt. 123 on the other, they held a vigil in memory of civilians, especially children, killed by U.S. drone bombings in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Barry Asks Us to Remember Yemenis Killed by a Drone

“The CIA touts that drones are accurate,” said Jack McHale of Pax Christi USA to about 30 protestors from groups including CODEPINK and Veterans for Peace. But, he said, according to the Navy’s own analysis, they’re no more accurate than traditional air power. “I think we saw that this week when a wedding party was targeted and 17 people were killed as a result of an armed drone in Yemen.”

The drone program is under the jurisdiction of the CIA, which has used its powers of covert secrecy to keep the program officially classified, and its missions a secret.

On December 12, a U.S. drone bombed a wedding convoy, killing 17 and injuring about 20 others. Yemeni security officials said that some of those targeted had suspected ties with Al Qaeda, but most of those killed and critically injured were civilians.

The demonstrators prayed, sang songs, and read the names of children who had been killed by drone attacks in the Middle East. While reading the names they placed small stones in a row at the entrance to the CIA facility.

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Petition to Obama White House: Make This Drone Strike the Last

CODEPINK and a coalition of peace groups and individuals from across the US unequivocally condemn the killing of [17] innocent civilians, all part of a wedding convoy, by a US drone in Yemen. The groups call on President Obama to apologize to the families and pledge to immediately put an end to these strikes that have led to the death of so many noncombatants.

The tragedy today is not an isolated incident; US drone strikes have been killing innocent civilians in Yemen for years.

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APVs Launch Avaaz Petition

Dear People of the World,

Salam! We are the Afghan Peace Volunteers, a nonviolent multi-ethnic community working for peace in our war-stricken country. We wish to hear 2 Million Voices breaking the silence of the 2 Million loved ones Afghans have lost to war.

Every morning in Kabul, like yourselves, we wake up to the same old noise.

The same old rich getting louder and the poor remaining unfed and unheard.

The same old firing of weapons and use of brute force to defend thieves and warlords, both local and foreign.

The same old suffocating of Mother Earth, as her desertified land fills with trash and grey fumes.

We the people of Afghanistan, like yourselves all over the world, are hurting.

Because we find hope and healing in friendship, we’d like to hear 2 Million of your Voices remembering our 2 Million loved ones lost to wars.

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Walking the Walk Is Now Available Online

The 30-minute documentary featuring Voices activists who walked 195 miles in Iowa to protest drones is now available to view online.
View it here.

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