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Are we sliding inevitably into the next war, or is peace really on the verge of breaking out? Your guess is as good as mine. Even as the UN Security Council approves the "Russian plan" that ground America's War Party to a halt in Syria, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's overtures toward re-opening dialog with "the West" (read: The US and Israel) seemed to fall on intentionally deaf ears last week. Our job -- keeping you up to date on the latest global developments and what they mean -- never ends here at Thanks for hanging in with us!

Angela Keaton, Director of Operations 
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News Highlights

UN Security Council Endorses Syria Disarmament Deal
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously endorsed the resolution supporting the idea of Syria’s chemical weapons disarmament, two weeks after Syria already ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) promising to do so.

The lateness of the UN resolution is a function of repeated Western attempts, mostly pushed by France, to add an explicit authorization for military action into the resolution.

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US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance with Al-Qaeda Affiliate

“Some of Syria’s most effective rebel forces, including at least three that previously were aligned with the U.S.-backed rebel command, have formed a new alliance with an al Qaida affiliate,” McClatchy reports.

Read that again. U.S.-backed Syrian rebels have joined with al-Qaeda.

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Iran Ready for 'Serious' Nuclear Talks, Wants Deal in 3-6 Months
Iranian President Hassan Rohani has followed up yesterday’s call for diplomacy at the UN General Assembly with further comments in support of talks, saying Iran is ready for “serious” talks on its civilian nuclear program.

Rohani went on to say that there should be a timeline for the negotiations instead of just holding open-ended talks, and said he believes that a deal should be made in three to six months, and the less time, the better.

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NSA Chief Defend Collecting Americans' Phone Records
In comments today at a cybersecurity summit, NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander reiterated his opposition to limiting the agency’s surveillance scope, saying that the collection of all Americans’ phone records had proven “helpful” at times and should continue.

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Featured Commentary

A Government Answerable to No One 
Philip GiraldiThe Edward Snowden March 2009 memo which reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) is illegally spying on American citizens and then passing the raw information it obtains on to Israel is particularly shocking because it demonstrates with documentary evidence just how Washington’s inside the beltway crowd places its relationship with Israel above its responsibility to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. But equally interesting is the tale of the dog that did not bark in the night.
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The Handshake That Never Happened
Justin RaimondoThe world waited with bated breath as the day approached: would President Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly reflect positively on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s “charm offensive” (as the Israelis derisively dub it)? Would the two meet up at a luncheon arranged by Ban Ki-Moon and – gasp! – actually shake hands?

We now know the answers to these two questions: no, and certainly not.

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Imperial 'Exemptionalism'
Just as it seemed the Empire was going to embark on yet another evil little war, a miracle happened on the road to Damascus. A sensible solution proposed by Moscow caught the Washington warmongers off-guard, and removed their justification for war. Between that and the overwhelming lack of popular support, the Empire backed down â€“ for now.

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