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JULY 2016

Education Research Highlights

From School to Success: Clearing the Path

This report from the Province of Nova Scotia Transition Task Force contains 15 detailed recommendations to help young Nova Scotians move more successfully from school to post-secondary education, training, and the workforce. While the needs of all youth were discussed, the task force paid particular attention to those facing the greatest challenges. This includes youth who are under-represented in university, college, apprenticeship, and the workforce, and youth with disabilities. Within the public school system, the task force agreed that students must receive better age-appropriate career information, and begin building foundational skills in the early grades. High school students with marks between 50 and 70 per cent were also a focus.
From School to Success: Clearing the Path


Math that feels good: A model for math education reform

This research overview from the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) covers some of the latest research concerning students’ aversion to learning math. It addresses two important issues in math education: (1) How do we help students experience and share the beauty and pleasure of math? and (2) How do we engage teachers in math reform that is personally and professionally meaningful and rewarding? Examples of ways to make fractions less daunting in the classroom are provided, as well as testimonials from parents who were surprised by their child’s comprehension and enthusiasm.
Math that feels good: A model for math education reform


CTF Survey on Teachers' Perspectives on Aboriginal Education in Public Schools in Canada

As part of their ongoing work on education-related Indigenous issues, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) conducted a survey to seek out the perspectives of classroom teachers on diverse topics related to Indigenous education with a view to informing practice and policy. For the purpose of the survey, “Aboriginal education” refers to the teaching of Indigenous content (history, culture and current issues), and perspectives to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in Canada’s public schools.
CTF Survey on Teachers' Perspectives on Aboriginal Education in Public Schools in Canada

CEA News

Guest Bloggers Wanted – What would be your optimal learning space?

For most of us, our image of school is a blocky building with strings of square single classrooms, an office, a gym, a library, and a playground. The blackboard may have been replaced by a Smartboard; there may be new elements like computer tablets in the classrooms, but the basic structure is the same. However, many educators and designers across Canada are re-imagining the traditional classroom with hands-on learning and inquiry Makerspaces, multi-room, multi-age classrooms, and hallways intentionally designed with group learning pods. Exciting as these new buildings are, they are not what most students and teachers spend their days in. It’s high time our learning spaces were designed for the activities we want to take place in them.
How can we re-imagine, reconfigure and re-organize our traditional schools (and school grounds) so that they work better for today’s teaching and learning activities?
We invite you to contribute to our upcoming blog series by sharing your photos and creative solutions. Please email or tweet us if you would like to participate.


Early Bird Pricing and Exciting Program Additions!

We are pleased to announce the addition of powerful Indigenous Elder, youth, and educational leader voices to our impressive roster of presenters at this groundbreaking event – hosted on Musqueam territory – who will deliver learning sessions that demonstrate how all educators can honour Indigenous ways of knowing and learning while challenging Western ideas of classroom spaces and teaching practices.


Youth despair and depression have been pushed aside by daring to dream a future for themselves.

Marilyn James
Matriarch for the Sinixt Peoples

Kathryn (Kat) McCooeye
Education Support Worker
Kootenay-Columbia School District

Nathan Robinson
Principal of Alternative Education
Kootenay-Columbia School District



Carriers of Youth Wisdom Present Recommendations for the Enhancement of Indigenous Education



The Cree School Board’s Journey Towards Student Success

Abraham Jolly
Director General
Cree School Board
Serge Béliveau
Deputy Director General
Cree School Board


Understanding the Balance of Human-Side and Spirit-Side in Education

Jim O’Chiese

Elder and Instructor at the Yellowhead Tribal College

Take a glance at our updated program. Attendees can pick and choose their learning paths from a variety of hands-on workshops and case study presentations that will share helpful teaching resources and demonstrate pragmatic, successful and replicable examples of classroom practice and school-community leadership.

Additional speakers and sessions will be announced later this summer.

REGISTER NOW to be first in line to sign up for your preferred sessions.

Early bird registration rates are available until August 26th.
Preferred hotel and travel rates are available.


IB Image

BCSSA is proud to be a supporting sponsor of CEA’s upcoming event: First Nations Schools First!  - Sharing Successful Indigenous Learning.  This October, we will be joining educators from across Canada as we explore and share our successes in weaving Aboriginal ways of knowing and doing throughout the BC curriculum and, at all grade levels. Enriching and enhancing life outcomes for all students is a key priority in BCSSA’s Strategic Plan.

IB Image

The BC Ministry of Education believes that we are a richer Canada when all of our students are successful.  The success of First Nation students is a priority of the Ministry.  By inspiring each other, sharing our successes, and overcoming challenges together we demonstrate our shared commitment to making a positive difference in their lives.

IB Image

For over 50 years, we’ve proudly partnered with educators to transform the way students look at the world—and themselves. That passion has grown our family-owned company into the world leader in international education with more than 1 million students experiencing our programs every year.

IB Image

Discovery Education Canada is proud to support the Canadian Education Association and First Nations Schools. We look forward to joining the conversation around supporting the Indigenous population in Canada and discussing the successful strategies for educators in a diverse classroom.



125 Years of Working Together

We’d like to thank all the provincial Ministers of Education who shared our 125th anniversary dinner celebration with us.

Each provincial minister was presented with a commemorative skateboard designed and painted by the at-risk and highly successful students of the Oasis Skateboard Factory school.

Ontario Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter accepting the Ontario-themed commemorative skateboard.


To see the featured Corwin books we have selected which may be of interest to you, go to the ‘Bookstore’ section of the CEA website!

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Featured Book:

Finally, a practical guide makes transition planning easier so you can prepare students with learning differences to successfully navigate adulthood. You’ll benefit from techniques to help learners develop proactive behaviors, guidance on creating effective IEPs, and best practices to help learners achieve the Common Core and high stakes assessments through Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Teaching for the Lifespan

Successfully Transitioning Students With Learning Differences to Adulthood

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School Calendar 2016-2017

CEA's School Calendar, published annually in August/September, provides dates for openings and closings, spring break holidays, and PA/PD Days for mid to large schools in every Canadian province and territory. This free downloadable resource is an essential tool for conference, event and vacation planners, and has been the most downloaded document from the CEA’s website for the past 5 years.   Please contact us for advertising opportunities in this publication.

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Education Canada September 2016 Issue

Education Canada, CEA’s flagship publication, offers readers insight into Canadian education with both English and French content. The magazine examines issues, trends, leadership, policy, practice and research in education.  Please contact us for exciting advertising opportunities (print and online) and connect with CEA members and education professionals in a $75 billion sector! 
Space closing for the September 2016 issue is August 19, 2016.


Latest Education Research

The Intersection of International Achievement Testing and Educational Policy Development

Queens University


International Mind, Brain and Education Conference

September 15-17, 2016
Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
The International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) will hold its biannual conference with the aim of improving the state of knowledge in and dialogue between education, biology and the developmental and cognitive sciences. The event brings together scientists, educational practitioners and public policy makers to facilitate collaborations that will improve education.
To find out more about the conference program and registration details, please visit:


Sharing Indigenous Voices: From Thoughts to Being
2016 National Gathering for Indigenous Education

November 4-5, 2016
Royal York Hotel, Toronto
Closing the gap in Indigenous education is key for the future of Canada and its Indigenous communities. This conference is a great opportunity for educators and others to share knowledge and work together on solutions to improving the academic outcomes of K-12 Indigenous students.
Registration is now open at


2016 Annual Learning Forward Conference

Dec. 3-7, 2016
Vancouver Convention Centre
When it comes to learning about educator professional learning, this is THE conference. Join thousands of other practitioners, presenters, and thought leaders that attend each year as they share:
  • How to solve professional development challenges at all levels;
  • New research;
  • Introductory- and advanced-level learning; and
  • The latest topics and data on professional learning best practices and technology.
Don't miss this chance to collaborate with education leaders from around the world and gain valuable connections, tools, learning opportunities, and strategies.
Early bird registration is available here until June 30th:

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