Issue 8 | Thursday, May 17, 2018

Connecting the dots across
13 education systems

Could outing LGBTQ kids ever
be acceptable?

Sex-Ed and Gay-Straight Alliances

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Standardized test results and independent reviews threading debate about how students learn


“It’s just a start”: 190 special education professionals will be hired across Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s education minister Zach Churchill took up action following the release of an independent report citing grave strain on the system and lack of funding for students with special needs. While applauded as a first step, the strategy has been criticized for not taking up the recommendation to create an accountability-based institute of inclusive education. #Nspoli #NSed

“Kids used to learn math by doing things like memorizing a multiplication table, and it worked”: Ontario conservative candidate vows to reform math curriculum

Doug Ford is pledging to scrap the province’s “discovery math” curriculum – which encourages open-ended approaches to solving equations over traditional formulas and memorization – in light of 2017 standardized test scores indicating that only half of Grade 6 students met the provincial standard. Ford proposes a return to teaching kids “the fundamentals of mathematics.” #OntEd #mathchat #ontpoli #FordNation  

No More Math Wars: An evidence-based, developmental perspective on math education

“Making sure kids receive these supports is key to setting them up for future success”: Alberta investing $5M in student mental health programming

The Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools initiative will extend to reach an estimated 100,000 Albertan students thanks to this grant by the provincial government, which targets hiring of staff and expanded school-based community health programs. A new student-led initiative called Here 4 Peers has also launched in B.C., seeking to bring support to young people suffering in silence. #ableg #abed #MentalHealth

Results are in! “Winners and losers” of the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program

Provinces Release the Latest Results on the Performance of Grade 8 Students in Reading, Math, and Science

UPDATE: P.E.I. students now among Canada’s best in reading, math and science

National Survey Shows Need To Reinvest In Saskatchewan Education

The Rural Advantage
Rallying Communities Around Our Students:
A guide for leading dropout prevention in your small town


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Blog of the Week


Using Visible Random Groups in Assessments
by Nat Banting

Using Visible Random Groups in Assessments

Réussite éducative, décrochage scolaire et débats : 
Repenser le décrochage scolaire et les services d’accompagnement aux élèves en difficulté

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Des frais qui cessent, des pressions toujours présentes


Vers une entente à l’amiable : les parents seront remboursés 153 millions de dollars par les commissions scolaires

Cette entente fait suite à un offre de règlement précédemment rejeté par les 68 commissions scolaires québécoises visées par une action collective lancée par une mère de Saguenay. L’action soutient que les parents ont été facturés illégalement pour des frais des sorties éducatives et du matériel scolaire facturés aux parents depuis 2009. #assnat #polqc

« … les gens ont intériorisé le discours selon lequel, si tu as choisi d’avoir un enfant, c’est à toi de te débrouiller » : quelles sont les limites des mesures de conciliation famille-travail?

Un nouveau article paru dans Le Devoir reprend une étude menée l’année dernière afin de faire la lumière sur le fait que, bien que 90 % des employeurs québécois offrent des mesures de conciliation famille-travail, très peu de parents décident d’en profiter. 62 % des parents interrogés estiments que celle-ci demeure une source importante de stress. #LeGrandDéblocage #CPE #PQ #PolQc #AssNat  

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