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Pastured Pork 


Pasture Raised Pork is a seasonal product.  We harvest our pork when it is at its absolute finest. That time is NOW!  Fall is when the pigs begin putting on extra fat and that coincides when they are receiving their most diverse diet.  In addition to fresh lush pastures, currently 
our pigs are eating 1000's of pounds of pumpkins, tons of apples, 100's of pounds of sweet potatoes, 1000's of gallons of whey and organic grains.  

This separates our gourmet pork from the bland tasteless pork at the grocery store or even small farms that feed only grain. The flavor in Synergistic Acres' pork is imparted by the diverse diet that can only come from a truly pasture raised animal.  Living on pastures rotated constantly to ensure lush and nutritious forage is not only the best way to raise a pig for their own happiness, it also ensures the healthiest pork to eat as well as the most flavorful.


At Synergistic Acres, we raise pigs the way pigs were meant to be raised - outside in fresh and rotated woodlots.  Our pigs are DIFFERENT!  We started from day 1 of raising pigs with a focus on giving them the greatest life with a focus on ensuring they produce EXCEPTIONALLY TASTY pork.

The pigs are an essential part of our farm and our passion to improve the land year after year.  Their rooting, foraging, and fertilizing ensure that our woodlands thrive with renewed life every time they are rotated to the next lush paddock.

This is just one more example of the synergistic "magic" animals and land can have when allowed to flourish in their natural environments.  

There are three main points that make our pork exceptional.

#1 Diet (whey, acorns, apple pomace, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, vegetable scraps, natural forage, organic grains)
Since our pigs are rotated through wooded paddocks, a large part of their diet is made of natural forages (nuts, grass, roots, insects, toads, etc)  for which they spend their days searching. 
In addition to what forage our pigs find, they also get delicious healthy whey from a local, organic dairy.  Whey is an important part of our pigs diet, and one that adds immensely to the flavor and healthfulness of the pork.  Since whey contains many healthy amino acids and other minerals absent in other foods, it means our pork also contains these same healthy minerals and amino acids.

These pigs have also eaten 1000's of pounds of apple pomace.  A delicious, sweet and nutritious pulp made from a local Apple Cider Mill.

We also provide seasonal surpluses to our pigs.  In the fall, they get thousands of pounds of pumpkins, in the winter they eat hundreds of pounds of acorns and year-round, they eat all the great vegetable scraps we get from local organic groceries.


#2 Natural Living

These pigs live outside their entire lives acting like Pigs.  They root, they wallow, they snort, they fight, they play, they chase and they hunt for food.  Being outside fundamentally changes the animal and makes for outstanding, flavorful pork.  However, our pigs don't just live outside in permanent mucky "pig styes." Instead, they are regularly rotated every two weeks to new, FRESH paddocks, where they FORAGE and GRAZE, but move on before they damage the land.  

An added benefit of all this natural, healthy living is we do not need to add anything artificial to our pigs. No antibiotics and no artificial hormones.

#3 Heritage genetics

Our pigs come from a Heritage breed that has held on to old-world genetics.  Large Black is the name of the very special breed we raise.  The meat you get from them has NOT been bred to be grown fast and cheaply.   Instead, it has been bred to be flavorful and nutritious.  A notable difference!  Specifically, our pigs, Large Blacks, have been bred for generations to have outstanding meat characteristics.  They have a uniquely micro-marbled meat with short fibers ensuring tenderness.  If the only pork you have eaten before is from the grocery store or mudlot raised, you are in for a real treat! 
Additionally, our pigs live longer and grow larger than is the standard for other farms.  This ensures lots of flavor has been grown into these pigs from all of the forages they eat.  In addition, it ensures there will lots of large, delicious cuts to enjoy. We are anticipating these pigs to weigh around 300#. The reason most farms don't grow pigs out to this size is that it costs considerably more to feed them after they have reached 200# in addition to managing them on the land for an extended time. However, it is also when the flavor begins to be set -- and that's what we are after - the best tasting pork ever! is how to get yours!

We sell pork directly to our consumers in two different ways.  One is by the retail cut, similar to what you might find at the store. You can stop by the farm and buy one pork chop or a pound of bacon.
A more economical way to buy your pork is to buy in bulk by buying what is known as 1/2 a pig or a 'side of pork.'  This will usually end up being almost a one year supply of pork for many families.  

Buying Pork by the side from Synergistic Acres

We are anticipating the weight of our pigs to be 300 pounds on the hoof.  The price you pay for the pigs is not based on this weight however, it is based on hanging weight.
When you buy half a pig, your price would be based on half of that hanging weight.  In this example, that would be 108 pounds.  

(24) Porterhouse pork chops 14.51#
(2) Jowl bacon 2.04#
(2) Bacon ends 1.5#
(7) Bacon 7.2#
(6) Ground Pork 6#
(5) Shoulder Roasts 19.97#
(2) Ossobucco 4.3#
(1) Pork season (stew meat) 2.13#
(1) Country style ribs 2.15#
(1) Spare ribs 5.14#
(2) Lard 4.19#
(1) Ears 0.5#
(1) Tail 0.25#
(2) Trotters 3.55#
(2) Cured hams 23.42#

The cost of the pork is $6/# based on the hanging weight of the animal.  For our typical pig with a hanging weight of 215 pounds, a half would cost $6*(215/2) =$648. 
Therefore, your final cost on a typical pig would be $6/# of hanging weight = $648 + $30 curing fee = $678.  Your actual cost will depend on the weight of the side you order.  This will provide most families with a year of pork. 
Please click here and fill out the linked form to ORDER yours.

We are excited to be able to offer this naturally-raised, woodlot, heritage pork to you & appreciate your support as we have worked to grow this unique product for you.
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