Andrew Brooks Photography

Barnton Nuclear Bunker, Edinburgh

Around five years ago myself and Andy Brydon visited the Barnton Nuclear Bunker which is buried 100ft under Corstorphine Hill, close to Edinburgh. It was probably one of the most intense photographic shoots I’ve worked on. The whole place was in ruin, with fire blackened walls and years of damage, it felt like the set of a zombie movie.

You can see a whole gallery of images from the visit here.

I’ve held back from sharing this work as it felt quite unsafe down there and I didn't want to draw attention to the place. But recently I’ve heard that an organisation is working on restoring the bunker, after contacting them they have given me permission to share these images.

They have asked me to mention the site is secure 24/7 so can’t be accessed except through them. But anyone over 18 can volunteer to help them with their work and they will then get a full tour of the bunker. Other than this there are no tours available at the moment or access for photography, but their end aim is to open the bunker to all visitors as a museum. You can find out lots more about the restoration on this website and Facebook Page.

This photography is part of our ongoing Secret Cities project which has taken me and Andy Brydon into some very strange places in the UK, Netherlands and Iceland. You can see more galleries from the project here.

All the best, Andrew