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There is no doubt as a nation Britain is obsessed with the weather. It’s how we communicate, and as a photographer you can take that obsession and times it by ten. You have to grab every sunny day and make the most of it.

This latest bout of wildly unpredictable weather – one week it’s a heat wave then next back to a windy stormy winter - has been a godsend for me as I’ve got lots of work under my belt for the BBC Philharmonic and some stunning, dramatic land and cityscapes.

Manchester Andrew Brooks

This shot of  Manchester  is one I’ve wanted to capture for years. It was taken on a very long zoom lens, 9km away from the city on top of Werneth Low. See it in its full glory as part of the Home Group Exhibition at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, running currently until 10th July.  

The summer is a great time of year because suddenly the trees are full of leaves and nature is really lush. It’s just sat there waiting to be photographed.  Everything is so much more defined in sunlight.  If I’m photographing in a valley I’ll be very aware of where the sun is and if there’s something interesting on the landscape, I put that in between me and the sun to give everything a very defining backlight. This Forest Path image taken in the woods of the Brecon Beacons is one I’m really pleased with and has been really popular on the Facebook group.

Watching clouds is a major part of the job too. In this part of the UK you tend to get dramatic clouds because of the hills. I can spend hours stood on one spot that has the most beautiful view in front waiting for the sun to appear through the clouds. This picture from the
Llyn Peninsula was a case like that. It’s in a rugged seaside valley and I stood for forty-five minutes waiting for the right kind of light from the sun. I wanted it to creep above the distant clouds.

I love the changeability of the great British summer. It makes it really special. I always think when there are good days it feels and looks absolutely amazing and when there are rainy days the clouds and light can still be very dramatic.

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BBC Philharmonic Update…

My big summer project has been working with the BBC Philharmonic for a second season. After weeks and weeks of research I found some great locations including The Devil’s Kitchen in North Wales for a Mahler concert.

Take a look at pictures from the
first season, including striking images of the orchestra in the Bridgewater Hall, before the full story of season two in next month’s newsletter…

Enjoy the sun, the rain and the clouds!