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Message from Para PachaMama ~ Spirit of Earth ~
June 28 2014 - Sunrise - From the shores of Te Waka o ngaa Aatua (South Island of New Zealand) to Everywhere on Earth.

In the winter of 2003 Universal Grandmother and keeper of the Waitaha Books, Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman was gifted a vision. (watch the Video)

It was the weekend Iraq was to be invaded for the first time. Dr. Emoto’s prayers to heal water inspired her to ask the participants of the gathering she was attending, to pray for the children of Iraq. She could see Aotearoa/Waitangi ki Raro/New Zealand at the bottom of the Great Ocean of Kiwa, Te Moana nui a Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean pulsing with a white light as people went to the beaches to pray for Peace and Healing at the same time. She could see how powerful that would be.

She has shared this vision as she has travelled the world promoting Waitaha’s Message of Peace.
With the tragic events of Fukushima the time is now to bring the Pacific Prayer circle to life.
Imagine if people in all the countries that sit on the Pacific Rim went to the beaches to pray for Peace and Healing at the same time and with the same intention. Dr. Emoto reminds us that water is a conduit and humans are made up of water and if the prayer is from the heart and pure then the intention of that prayer goes instantaneously to where it is directed.

Guidance for timing was sought from spirit. Grandmother Turtle has selected the rising of Mataariki, the Pleiadian star constellation.

June 28th at sunrise is when Mataariki rises just before the Central Sun, Tamanuitera.

Mataariki highlights the beginning of the Waitaha/Maori Traditional New Year.

Imagine if people on the beaches of the Great Ocean of Kiwa/Pacific Ocean send their prayers out then. Papatuanuku, Mother Earth will be enveloped in the most loving wave of healing over 24 hours.

How potent, how powerful, how beautiful.

Be mindful of the intention, healing for Mother Earth, Peace and healing for all who dwell between the heavens and beloved Mother Earth, within, without, above, below, healing for all peoples who have suffered at the hands of others, healing for all our relations of the natural world who have suffered at the hands of us from the beginning of time.

This is about lifting the vibration of love, truth, aroha/compassion, respect, acceptance, safety, celebration, laughter and dreaming, on and on and on creating a beautiful world for our tamariki/all children who are born of the gods and goddesses and those beloved mokopuna/grandchildren to come. 

Imagine Peace. 

Universal Grandmother
Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman


Read the Peace Prayer here.

Waitaha & the Water Gathering of October 2014

"When the seven sisters of Matariki become the twelve fingers of the gods, it is the time to share the stories of water. Water all around and inside of us, yes it is a wonderful time for rejoicing in the great knowledge of those who live, the water of their lives. This year the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Waitaha will share with other Nations this time of wonder and glory in the oneness that has come upon us let the chimes and the bells ring out for the glory of the elements is in this time.

The seven sisters of the Matariki are now increasing their numbers each day as we get closer to the optimum time of the 15th to the 22nd of October 2014. They are the sacred days of celebrating the time of increase in water and increase in all other areas. It is a time for meeting and greeting with the tohunga, kahuna, shaman, medicine men and women, it is time to share the information with the workers on the land, seas, rivers, lakes and all other water bodies. Yes dear moko and tamariki, the time is soon. And we are meeting in Waitangi ki raro like the ancestors of old did for all of the great discussions that will affect our sacred lands."

Grandfather Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako
Whatukura for the Nation of Waitaha (watch the video)

for Reservations

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We are so delighted. We have NOW opened the reservations opportunity for everyone!

The Journey leading into this Gathering is unique, amazing and very inspiring and over the coming weeks, months, we wish to share much more of all the amazing wonders and special elements that are to make up this Grand Gathering of Water Wisdom Keepers, to which you are fully invited to Particpate and be a part of.

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This Particular Gathering takes place only once every 50 years.

Please read the descriptions on the Website and trust that all is flowing as the Waters do. 

Reserve your Place today

Rest assured this Gathering will be an opportunity of a lifetime. Be a part of it, Celebrate the Waters of the Universe.


from Aurora Alchemy
We invite you all where ever you are in this world to go to your beach, lake, spring, any waterway, even a bowl of water in your home, join us, Sunrise on June 28th.

Let’s meet at the confluence of the waters where we will become as ONE in the Pacific Prayer Circle for Peace, healing and balance for our beloved Mother Earth and Sky Father and all who dwell between.

Imagine Peace. more information on the Global Prayer Circles on 
Aurora Alchemy's Wonderful Website


We welcome and are asking for donations to assist us all in Sponsoring Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Future Leader into this Gathering. Some people siimply can't come themselves, your energetic particpation should not stop there.
Your Sponsorship donation will ensure that we can have important people come and be a part of this Gathering so it can come to the full expression that the dreaming holds. Read how we see you becoming connected with the Elder you end up assisting to come.

Thank you for you Kind Heart and Abundance.

Donate to Sponsor here

We feel so blessed to be in a place to assist this Gathering, the Ancient Ones and spread the Calling tostand with our Elders, Support their Work, strengthen their efforts and help Ensure they can complete the cycles of Keeping.

This is made possible because of your support and contributions. Please consider donating to our work

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Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala Kin, Jiriki 

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