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We have had a bit of an adventurous one here at VC. Last week Sonja was up in the Lake District to take part in the Great North Swim. It was amazing swimming in Lake Windemere with the dramatic landscape all around.

Amongst all this Cumbrian magic an encounter in a local shop has got us thinking about the very best kind of sales approach you can make.

Sonja went into the shop to buy a map: she came out of the shop with two maps, a waterproof jacket, and a knife for cutting cheese! How did that happen? It was the words ‘What adventure do you have planned today?’ that got her talking to the sales assistant, and inspired her not only to buy the map she needed, but the jacket for the walk after the swim and the knife to take on a picnic.

Knowing how to ask a great question – one that puts people in the right frame of mind – is an invaluable skill when you’re in business. Too pushy and she probably would have left the shop without buying anything. Too specific and she might have left with only the map. It was the open ended and inspiring ‘what adventure?’ question that really hit the spot.

Now maybe the guy in the shop says that to all the girls, or maybe he has different opening lines depending on who walks in or maybe it was just a spur of the moment comment sparked by the fact that she looks like someone who’s up for an adventure. However it happened, it made her feel good, it got them talking, and it inspired her to buy more than she meant to, and feel happy about it. The anorak and the cheese knife helped the adventure unfold. 

Understanding how to approach people and get them on your side isn’t only important in a one-to-one selling situation. One of our coaching clients has a large database of qualified leads. We're working with him on creating some valuable content, but he’s desperate to push the button and start talking to the 1500 people on the list NOW. Read how we’re advising him here.
What’s the best approach? You want to be able to start conversations like the Cumbrian shop owner. Be inspiring and helpful, encourage people to talk to you and show them you’re on their side. Show me you are interested and that you really want to help me achieve my goals - that’s the secret of selling. (TWEETABLE)

Of course Sonja didn’t just want a map, what she really wanted was an adventure. What is it that your clients really want? (Please do reply and tell us. We’d love to know.)

This month’s Valuable Content Award goes to Chris Brogan. He’s mastered the art of talking to thousands while making it feel as if he was sitting right next to you. Read more about Chris and his approach here. So much to learn from him - we’re very excited about giving this award!

See you next month.

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