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We’d love to tell you that we’re writing this by the fireside reflecting on a wonderful year, sipping mulled wine while our apple-cheeked children frolic in the snow outside, But, the truth is, we’re still hard at work in the office, trying frantically to get everything done before Christmas. Next year we will start buying presents in August! How about you?
Best content of 2013

We’ve put together a round up of the year. It’s a big emotional thank you to everyone who’s helped, inspired, taught, supported and made us happy us in 2013. We love you all, and look forward to more of you next year! 

There’s lots of our favourite content on the list – funny stuff, helpful stuff, awesome stuff – so perhaps it’s something to dip into over the holidays (if you get fed up with your family!)
Ideas for 2014

Here’s a taster of some things we’ll be focusing on in 2014, and some tips for your marketing next year. 
  1. More collaboration. Content is a big wide world and none of us can do everything, so collaboration really is the best way forward. Also makes life more interesting and fun, which has to be the goal. 

    VC tip: Find your people and nurture them. 

  2. Valuable marketing automation. Technology really can add value – to your audience and to you – and it's getting smarter all the time. We want to explore this opportunity further next year. We’re going to learn all we can to help you and our clients, and support our own marketing.

    VC tip: We’ll be sharing what we learn, so keep reading. Sign up for Google alerts if you want to read marketing automation news as it breaks.

  3. Creating content you’re really proud of. Last year it was the book, and next year want to create something different and fantastic. Design will play a bigger part than ever. There will be images as well as words, but we can’t say more than that yet. 

    VC tip: Aim really high with your content. So-so content gets nowhere, and the web is awash with mediocre. Commit to creating the very best x there has ever been. Take inspiration from everywhere – don’t limit it yourself to content in your niche – read books, watch films, listen out for brilliant words and ideas that move you. Channel this spirit into whatever you’re creating for your clients.

  4. An even more valuable website. Over the last few months we’ve been sharing the pain of our clients and struggling to find the words to describe what we do. We’re nearly there, and we’re looking forward to setting it free to the world. 

    VC tip: Review your website and if it needs an overhaul get some help! We’ve learnt that an outside view in can move you along a long way.

  5. Creating a community. We launched the Bristol Content Group in October, and have been amazed by its energy and excited by its potential. We’re on a mission to put Bristol’s content capabilities on the international map, and the group is a vehicle to get there. January’s The Future of the Web event at the Watershed has nearly sold out, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it takes us all.

    VC tip: If you’re Bristol based, join the group. Or create your own community in your industry. 
How about you? What are your marketing resolutions and plans for 2014? Whatever they are, we wish you a fantastic Christmas and very valuable New Year.

Sharon and Sonja x

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